Dr. C. DeLores Tucker is a renowned politician and civil rights activist. Dr. Tucker has been a leader against the degrading influence of what she calls "gansta/porno" rap music. She is the founder and president of the Bethune DuBois Fund, established to encourage African American youth through scholarships and educational programs. She has been recognized for her efforts on behalf of children, from First Lady Hillary Clinton's book It Takes a Village to George magazine, for her campaign against gangster and pornographic rap music.

Dr. Tucker attended Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and was an active participant in the civil rights campaigns of the 1960's. She was part of the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965 with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and served as a delegate to the historic White House Conference on Civil Rights.

In the 1970s, Dr. Tucker served the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Secretary of State, and was the convening founder and national chair of the National Political Congress of Black Women. This political involvement has continued throughout her career; including being a former chair of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus and the first African-American president of the National Federation for Democratic Women.