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February 13, 2012


Gordon H. Smith

President and CEO
National Association of Broadcasters

DBA TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board

PO Box 14097

Washington, DC  20004


Dear Senator Smith:


In your capacity as Chairman of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board, I wish to bring to your attention one of the most grossly misrated programs we have come across at the Parents Television Council. 

In the three episodes since its premiere on February 2, the MTV program I Just Want My Pants Back has featured all manner of sexual content including references to a thumb in the anus, and a prelude to four-way sex:

  • Jason and the Woman have sex. She rides atop him.              

Woman: Could you do me a favor? Could you stick your finger in my ass.

Jason: Okay..

Implied Jason sticks his finger in there.               

Jason: How's that working for you.

Woman doesn't appear pleased.

Woman: Could you try your thumb.


  • Tina: Dude, take the deal, otherwise a handjob is a man's job, and you can get out at the light and mime a vagina.

  • Eric and Stacey talk about how they think the new neighbors might have sexual motives when they were inviting them over "to play."

Eric: "What did play with us meant?"

Stacey: "I didn't get a scrabble vibe."

Eric: "I got a come juggle all our boy and girl parts vibe."

Stacey: "Me too, but it wasn't that, right?  I mean, that's crazy."

Eric: "Crazy.  We'll just tell them we're too swamped with work.  I know you'd never down with        

four person sexy times anyway."

Stacey: "Wait, why wouldn't I be into it?"

Eric: "First because you wouldn't and second, you forget, I've had a threesome."

Stacey: "A three way kiss with chubby girls in the dorm is not a threesome."

Eric: "Three tongues, babe, three."

Stacey: "Wow, I hate to shock you, but I just might be into it."

Eric: "So would I."

Stacey: "Ok then."

Then they decide to go to the neighbors that night.


All three of these episodes were rated TV-14.  While there were content descriptors to alert viewers to sexual content, dialogue and language, it is simply not credible for MTV and its parent company to assert this level of graphic sexual content is in any way appropriate for a 14 year old child.  Even more troubling, MTVís head of programming, David Janollari, is on the record saying the network is targeting children as young as 12 with the content.  Put simply, this program cannot credibly carry the TV-14 rating.  Even if the argument is made that it could, MTVís top management has made clear that it is marketing this material to children even younger than the prima facie age-based rating has indicated. 

The consistent misrating of I Just Want My Pants Back constitutes a gross failure of the TV Ratings System, and destroys any confidence parents can have that using the system will actually assist them in protecting their children from content that all acknowledge is inappropriate for them.  On behalf of our 1.3 million members, I call on you to act swiftly and publicly to ensure that this program receives an accurate rating and to exhaust all available means to review similar programs for related issues. 

The Parents Television Council stands ready to assist the Monitoring Board by lending our expertise through our vast library of programs and content analysis to help make the system more accurate.  The time has come for the Monitoring Board to step up to its responsibility to the public, so we look forward to your timely response.




Tim Winter






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