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Nip/Tuck on FX

Episode Summary




For the second straight week, the FX network’s Nip/Tuck (Tuesdays, 10:00 p.m. ET) served up the sickest, most twisted storylines on cable television…and this time, not even infants were spared.  The episode also featured a perverted plot involving a very flexible, well-endowed yoga instructor.  For continuing its long slog through the gutter, the February 10th episode of Nip/Tuck has been named Worst Cable TV Show of the Week.


The episode on February 10th began with a male yoga instructor seeking the services of McNamara and Troy for a penis reduction to stop him from habitually performing fellatio on himself.  He explains, “Giant penis plus incredible flexibility equals the best b***job you have ever had.”  Later, during surgery, the new, freewheeling anesthesiologist goads Sean into taking pictures with the patient’s enormous penis.  When the patient hears about their unethical behavior, he threatens to sue.


Inspired by the self-fellating yoga instructor, another character breaks his neck trying to mimic the maneuver.  He asks Sean and Christian to repair the scars on his forehead caused by the screws from his neck brace.  Oh, and while they’re at it, he’d also like a penis enlargement. 


In a subplot, Christian’s porn-star daughter-in-law (and former lover) Kimber asks him to inject collagen into the lips of his infant granddaughter in order to launch her nascent modeling career.  According to the baby’s warped agents, she will never land the big accounts with her “thin, villainous lips.”  “They like full, bee-stung, sensuous lips,” Kimber explains.  The camera pans to wall-sized black and white prints of babies in heroin-chic, sexualized model poses.  In describing previous treatments for some of their other clients, a baby is shown being injected with Botox in her forehead.  When Christian refuses to perform the collagen procedure, Kimber takes matters into her own hands.  She administers the injections herself.  The baby lands the big account and Christian begins to perform the injections in order to ensure a uniform look to the baby’s swollen lips. 


It’s hard to know what is more disgusting – the yogi who takes self-gratification to a ridiculous extreme, or the negligent, morally corrupt mother and grandparent who subject a baby to cosmetic surgery for monetary gain.  As with most episodes of Nip/Tuck, almost everything about the show is disgusting -- and thus, the show deserves to be named Worst Cable TV Show of the Week.


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