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Nip/Tuck on FX

Episode Summary




In recent episodes of his hit Fox TV series Glee, creator/producer Ryan Murphy has taken a great deal of glee himself in trashing the concept of teenagers abstaining from sex until marriage. That show’s character Quinn is head of the school’s Chastity Club, and furthermore, is from a devout Christian family. Quinn is also pregnant, since of course in Hollywood anyone professing the notion of not having sex is obviously a hypocrite, if not downright deranged.


Murphy’s vehement antagonism to maintaining even the slightest control over one’s sexual desires is unsurprising, given that he is also the creator/producer of FX network’s Nip/Tuck, perhaps the single most sex-obsessed series in the history of television. No form of sex is too outré for Murphy; and the more sex people have – particularly if it is detached from any tenderness, romantic and loving feeling, or even common sense – the more Nip/Tuck glamorizes it. Unfortunately, to anyone not thoroughly marinated in the boiling hothouse of demented sex that is Hollywood, Nip/Tuck’s emphasis on ever-more unusual forms of sexual expression seems downright unbelievable. How a series can ever top the prospect of a young man sleeping with a former porn starlet who was both his biological and adoptive father’s lover – not to mention a storyline in which a mortician sewed his dead sister’s severed head onto another body so that he could have incestuous necrophiliac sex with the corpse – can ever top its past “achievements” in this area is a question difficult to even consider (not to mention repulsive to ask). But on Wednesday, November 18th at 10:00 p.m. ET Nip/Tuck endeavored to answer the question in the episode titled “Alexis Stone.”


The titular Alexis, viewers learn, may be suffering from just a wee bit of gender confusion. Originally a man, Alexis underwent reassignment surgery to become a woman. After bedding sex-crazed surgeon Christian Troy, however, Alexis demands to be turned back into a man again. This bare statement, however, cannot convey the fullness of the ludicrous nature of the scene. Instead, let the show’s dialogue speak for itself, as Christian talks with his lesbian ex-wife Liz:


Christian: “I met this woman yesterday. Gorgeous. I mean, hot body, hot a**. Went back to her place and nailed her like a... I mean incredible sex, raw, nasty, mean, but in a good way, sex. And then she asked me to take her in the back door, which was... great.”


Because to Ryan Murphy, any sex – ESPECIALLY “raw nasty, mean” sex, must be “great,” right? Unfortunately, the episode was just getting started, as Alexis confronts Christian:


Alexis:” I want you to give me a sex change operation. I want to be a man…I was born a man, I had sexual reassignment surgery when I was 23.”


Alexis says she has realized she is gay man.


Christian: “Come one, that the biggest line of tranny bull**** I've ever heard... you're asking the guy who, a straight man, the guy who just… to give you a sex change.”


Alexis: “So in your mind, if I become Alex, you become a f**, but if I stay Alexis, you're just a straight guy who got duped.”


No doubt, Ryan Murphy would consider most Americans – those who advocate teenagers abstaining from sex until adulthood; those who seek tenderness, love, and emotional connection more than “raw, nasty, mean”  and meaningless sex; those who might find a confused man becoming a straight woman, then becoming a gay man, a little baffling – as bigoted and unsophisticated compared to the more “enlightened” inhabitants of Hollywood. After all, Nip/Tuck is a world in which even grandmother Erica parades about naked before her own daughter and confesses that she and her much-younger lover are “fornicating like two sex-starved teenagers.”  Given these totally bizarre and downright perverse attitudes, it can come as no surprise that Nip/Tuck is once again the Worst Cable TV Show of the Week.


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