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24 Advertiser Campaign


24 airs Mondays at 9:00pm on Fox


Everyone's favorite real-time drama is back for its sixth season. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) fights against yet another terrorist plot as the season opener finds him a prisoner being released by Chinese officials into the hands of the CTU.

The relentless and unapologetic violence of the show is prominent in the season's premiere episode. We find Jack held captive by an aggressor. In order to escape, our hero must bite the major tendon in the neck of his captor and spit the fleshy bit out across the room. We see this transaction in highly vivid terms, blood streaming, squishy sound effects, and a crimson-mouthed Bauer victorious when the act is said and done.

24 takes place in an understandably violent "real" world environment with character's that do devastatingly violent things. It is the graphic and often times glamorized portrayal of such violence that earns 24 a negative review from the PTC.


24 on Fox Episode Synopsis:

February 12, 2007 8:00 pm EST




Episode Summary:

"Day 6 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm"


Jack and the people at CTU try to stop arms-dealer Darren McCarthy before he can turn Morris over to Fayed. McCarthy's girlfriend Rita drives the car to the apartment building where Fayed is hiding, but kills McCarthy first so that she can be the one to collect the seven millions dollars Fayed has promised.


When Rita turns over Morris, she too is held at gunpoint in the apartment. Morris refuses to help them arm the suitcase nuke. Soon they begin to torture him; first, by beating him with a bat, then by holding his head under water, and finally by using an electric drill to drill a hole into his shoulder. Blood is shown spattering onto the faces of bystanders while Morris screams in agony. He falls down on the floor is shock.


Meanwhile in Washington, Lennox is devastated by the president's rejection of his proposals. He orders Reed to draft his resignation. Reed lets him know very subtly, that there are people who support the removal of the president. He doesn't specify how, but Lennox is appalled anyways.


Back in LA, the fire department has managed to evacuate the apartment building. By getting most of the residents out, CTU is able to figure out what room Fayed is in.


In the apartment, Rita is tired of being involved with the plot and asks Fayed to release her without paying her. Fayed shoots her twice and she falls down and dies.


Morris agrees to arm the suitcase nuke. He sits in his bloody shirt and arms it just as Jack and the other agents burst into the room and open fire. Several of the men who work for Fayed are killed, but Fayed manages to escape. He leaves behind the armed suitcase nuke for Jack to disarm while Fayed is moving farther and farther away.




  • Rita shoots McCarthy twice. Blood spatters on the window of the car and he slumps forward. She then pushes his body out of the car and drives off.


  • Morris refuses to help Fayed arm the suitcase nukes. One of Fayed's men hits Morris on the side of his head with what appears to be a baseball bat.


  • The men who work for Fayed hold Morris's head under water in a tub. They pull it out several times and then submerge it again. Blood can be seen on Morris's undershirt when he gasps for air.


  • When Fayed realizes the CTU has found them, he grabs a drill and goes over to Morris who still refuses to help arm the bomb. They push Morris up against the wall and Fayed turns the drill on.  Fayed begins to drill into Morris's shoulder. Blood is shown spattering on the faces of the men who stand around. Morris screams in agony. He falls to the floor. A puddle of blood can be seen where he was standing. Fayed stands near him again and turns the drill on as though to start drilling him again. He tells Morris "I will use this all over your body until you die of shock or blood loss. Then I will just find someone else to do what I need. Do you understand?"

  • Rita then comes to Fayed and tells him that she doesn't want the money, she just wants him to let her go. "So you give up the seven million?"
    asks Fayed?"


  • Rita says yes. Fayed pulls out a gun and shoots her twice. Her body falls to the floor.


  • Fayed walks over to Morris to and turns the drill on again. Morris agrees to help Fayed.


  • While Morris is working on the device to arm the bomb, the hole made by Fayed in his shoulder is shown briefly.


  • Jack and the other CTU agents burst into the apartment and open fire. Several men are shot, but it is hard to determine how many as the room is smoky.






Mild swearing. "Damn," and "Screw" are used several times.


February 12, 2006 9:00 pm EST

"Day 6 2:00 pm- 3:00 pm"


Jack and the other people at CTU are busy trying to find Fayed, who managed to escape when his apartment was raided.


Jack's father re-establishes contact with a man who works with Reed in Washington. They decide they need to get to Fayed before Jack can.


Meanwhile, Jack tries to apologize to his father about Graem's death. Phillip Bauer continues to maintain his innocence in his company's dealings with McCarthy and Fayed.


Morris returns to CTU to be treated for the wounds he sustained while being tortured

In Washington, Reed tries to get Lennox to think about the plot to remove the president. When they are told that the suitcase bombs are armed and missing, Lennox decides to give Reed a chance.


At CTU, Jack talks to Marilyn and realizes that she might know something about the Russian spy, Gredenko. Jack takes her to a home she remembers following her husband to once, but Phillip Bauer calls and tells her that if she takes him to that house, he will kill Phillip. At the decoy house Marilyn has been ordered to take Jack to, a bomb awaits. It explodes an the house is destroyed. Milo and Marilyn try to escape but are pursued by gunmen.




  • A bomb in the decoy house explodes


  • Milo and Marilyn race away in a truck. They tear through a neighborhood while a car chases them and a man fires a gun at them.


  • Milo crashes the truck. The men in the car continue to fire at Milo and Marilyn. Milo takes a grenade out and throws it in the truck. The truck explodes as they run away.


"Piss" is used several times.





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