MTV is Music Television. It is the music authority where young adults turn to find out what’s happening and what’s next in music and popular culture. MTV reaches 387 million households worldwide, and is the #1 Media Brand in the world. MTV gives viewers music that defines a generation. MTV also gives young adults everything they are passionate about, from fashion, lifestyle and sports, to attitude, politics and creativity, all through the prism of music. Only MTV can offer the consistently fresh, honest, ground-breaking, fun and inclusive youth-oriented programming found nowhere else in the world. MTV is a network that transcends all the clutter, reaching out beyond barriers to everyone who’s got eyes, ears and a television set. 


1. There is only one channel that owns the young adult demographic. Young adults 12-34 name MTV as the most recognized network. MTV is the best way to connect with 12-34’s who are 91 million strong and growing, and represent 33% of the U.S. population. They look to MTV to find out about their world in their language, from their point of view.

2. There is only one channel that taps into the financially powerful young adult demographic. They’re young, and they’ve got money spend. The MTV audience wields over 250 billion dollars in buying power. Our audience is 198% more likely than Total U.S. 12-34 year-olds to reside in homes with a HHI $75K+and represent $250 billion in spending power. By the year 2010, young adult spending power is projected to be $350 billion.

3. No other channel can deliver the young adult demographic like MTV. MTV is consistently named the top choice for advertisers who want to reach this coveted market, MTV has been voted World’s Most Valuable Media Brand four years in a row. "MTV has had as far-reaching an influence on many facets of popular culture as any cable television network. It’s (MTV) effects on music, TV and lifestyle fashions have been deep and enduring" (Daily News, 7/01). Why? "Everyone who has a TV knows there is something called MTV." (Businessweek, 2/18/02). Since most cable networks typically skew 35+, you could be missing out on reaching valuable young viewers. By adding MTV to your media schedule, you can attract and capitalize on the12-34 year old audience.

4. Our audience is deciding what they want. MTV’s median age is exactly when a majority of young American adults begin to form life-long brand loyalties. Young adults 15-17 are excited consumers and extremely impressionable. Now is the time to influence their choices. 12-34 year olds have higher brand recall and more recognition than 35-49 year olds. In fact 69% make their purchasing decisions based on brand name, not price.

5. Our audience gets what they want. When it comes down to shelling out money, this crowd wields a lot of influence and spending power. In total, persons age 12-34 accounted for 41% of all retail shopping dollars spent last year. In fact, 12-34s spend more money shopping per person than did those over 35 years of age. Plus, "48% of young adults have a say in family decisions from paper towels to vacations" (USA Today, 10/6/99).

In the past year, MTV viewers 18-34 have spent:

• $8 billion of on clothing expenditures

• $845.5 million on video game systems

• $2.2 billion on fine jewelry

• $5.5 billion on major household furnishings

• $885 billion on audio equipment

• $5.3 billion on foreign vacations

• $21.6 billion on personal computers (home use).

6. Our audience just keeps on watching. MTV has experienced ratings growth over the last two years among our target audience of 12-34 year-olds. MTVhas spent 26 consecutive quarters (3Q97-2Q03) as the top rated basic cable network. And the audience just wants more and more and more MTV. Get on board today. MTV can take you where you need to be.

Source: Nielsen, 2003 US Census; Nielsen Base P12+2; Nielsen UE Estimates for 2002/2003 Teenage Reasearch Limited, Fall 1998, U.S. Census Bureau;

Interbrand Survey 2003; Teenage Research Unlimited, Fall 1998; Nielsen 2Q99, Youth Markets Alert April 1998 and Dubrow "Advertising Recognition Recall by Age", 1995, Nielsen 3Q ’02, MRI Doublebase 2003, Base 18+


Median Age: 21

Median Income: $49,773

Income: 47% of all MTV viewing households have an income of $50,000 or more per year and 22% have an income of $75,000 or more per year.

Education: 42% more likely to have college.

Source: Nielsen, 04/01/02-06/30/02. Base 2+; MRI Spring 2001, Nielsen. PNF 2Q’00, MRI Doublebase 2003


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