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Rescue Me Advertiser & Cable Choice Campaign


FX has premiered their new season of Rescue Me and has once again lowered their standards to a new level of raunchiness.

From Sony Pictures Television for FX, Rescue Me airs on Tuesday nights at 10pm ET. Starring Denis Leary,  Rescue Me is the weekly drama featuring the tough, no-nonsense, New York city firefighters struggling to cope with the stress of their many years on the job both pre and post 9/11.  The series offers up a variety offensive story elements which include: pornography, murder, and sexual relations between a high school student and his teacher.  Now in its third season, Rescue Me  will be serving up more sexually explicit content, foul language and graphic violence all on commercially supported cable television.  Some of the same commercials that run during family-friendly programs are appearing on Rescue Me.  Advertisers are responsible for the content they support with their media dollars.  Please contact these advertisers and insist that they stop supporting the destructive, negative messages found in such programs as Rescue Me.


Medieval Times ceases sponsorship of FX

Marketing Director, David Manuel has announced that Medieval Times has pulled all their advertising from the FX network.  Medieval Times buys spot advertising in select markets across the country but has instructed their media agency to not buy FX after appearing in a Rescue Me episode.  Medieval Times cited Rescue Me as an inappropriate environment for their commercial message.

State Farm Admits Mistake

Bloomington, Illinois.  State Farm Insurance had a spot run in Rescue Me due to an error at Comcast.  State Farm did not intend to have the commercial air in Rescue Me as the series does not meet their media guidelines but found the spot mistakenly aired locally in the Washington DC market.  State Farm assured the PTC that they will not be in future episodes of Rescue Me.

Dairy Queen No Longer Sponsoring Rescue Me

The Parents Television Council and its membership would like to thank Dairy Queen for acting as a responsible advertiser and refusing to underwrite destructive programming such as Rescue Me on the FX network. Click here to read a letter recently received by the PTC stating Dairy Queens position on Rescue Me.

Letter from Dairy Queen to PTC


Rescue Me on FX Episode Synopsis:

August 29, 2006 10:00 pm EST







Tommy plans to retire to a life of ease with Sheila, but his memories of 9/11 and the attitudes of his brother firefighters weigh heavily on him and make his decision difficult.


Janet asks to move back in with Tommy, so that people will believe the baby she is carrying is Tommy's. She worries the baby may look like Johnny, but Tommy dismisses her fears and promises to support her through her pregnancy.


Sheila decorates her new beach house and plans on Tommy sharing his retirement and future with her.


Franco takes the lieutenant's exam but does not complete it, saying that there is no reason to do so as his only motive was to improve his circumstances for his daughter Keila, and she is no longer in his life. At Natalie's urging he visits Keila and apologizes for being a poor father. Keila tells him she loves him and leaves for a private school in Europe.


Lou finds he is unable to keep his balance on his cousin's boat, thus ending his plans for retirement with Theresa.


Spurred on by Maggie's desire for kinky sex, she and Sean copulate in the chief's office and the firehouse shower.


Probie has a threesome with a woman and her gay brother. He is angry when the crew teases him about it and threatens to transfer to another station.


Reilly leaves the hospital and returns to the station though he is still recovering from his heart attack. Reilly claims that the fire station is the only place where he belongs. The crew returns him to the hospital.


The crew visits the 9/11 Firefighter's Memorial and confess their failures to each other. Tommy cannot bring himself to leave the crew and admits to Sheila that he didn't retire. Sheila drugs him and, in a rage, sets the beach house on fire. She tries to drag Tommy to safety, but both fall unconscious in the burning house. 




  • The word "shit" was used 18 times in this episode. "Asshole/ass" was used 16 times. "Goddamn" was used 12 times. "Jesus/Christ" was used profanely 11 times. "Pecker" was used eight times, and "hell" was used five times. "Balls" was used three times and "piss" was used twice. A variety of other words, such as "cock," "pussy," "douche bag" and "blow me" were each used once.


  • Lou is frustrated dealing with headquarters. He slams down the phone.


Lou: "Jesus Christ!...I tell ‘em we don't have a chief and they tell me no, we sent somebody over...How do you pronounce this? P-E-C-H-E-R...Its Pecker, right?"


Tommy: "This is like shootin' fish in a goddamn barrel. We've got so many options here."


Lou: "I mean, if he's an asshole you've got peckerwood, you got pecker head --"


Tommy: "Yeah, if he's good-looking you got Gregory Pecker --"


Lou: "If he's black, Black and Pecker."


  • Probie crunches potato chips as Franco studies. Franco explodes in anger.


Franco: "Jesus Christ, enough with the goddamn chips already! I'm tryin' to study here, asshole!"


  • At the retirement office, another firefighter greets Tommy.


Firefighter: "Tommy Gavin, you cock-knocker. Get your skinny Irish ass the hell outta my sight...Tell me that wasn't your kid brother in the news last week, was it?"


Tommy: "Yeah, it was."


Firefighter: "Shit."


Tommy asks him when he started working in the retirement office.


Firefighter: "Tryin' to get some nine foot tall Spic outta his apartment, slams the goddamn door on my hand. I can't bend these two fingers, so they gave me a choice -- desk job or retirement. Yeah. I'm gonna retire like some fag. What're you doin down here?"


Tommy: "Um -- I was just checkin' some pension bullshit downstairs."


The firefighter tells him the pension office is upstairs.


Firefighter: "Get your head outta your ass, Gavin."


  • Sean has told everyone in the station about Probie's bisexual threesome.


    Probie: "Why'd you have to tell everybody, asshole?"


Sean: "It's not my fault, asshole. It's your fault. You went outta bounds, alright. You banged some chick, that fine. But you bang a brother/sister combo deal; I am required by law to share that."


Probie: "Go ahead. Bust my balls."


Tommy: "I'd love too, but I just don't know where they've been."


Probie: "Yeah, that's funny. I'm transferring out. I don't give a shit."


Sean: "You're not transferring out, asshole."


Probie: "Yes I am, asshole."


Sean: "Who you callin' asshole, asshole?...Asshole!"


  • At the beach house, Sheila rages at the unconscious Tommy.


Sheila: "Asshole! You must think I am a fool! You think that I bought all this for me? I bought this for US!...You think I picked this piece of shit out for myself? Is that what you think, you son of a bitch?"


Sheila throws a lamp, starting a fire. She tries to put it out but cannot work the fire extinguisher.


Sheila: "Shit!"




  • Probie meets Sarah and Greg, the brother and sister whom he met at the club previously.  Greg sits with his arm around Sarah.


Sarah: "So, should we get a drink, or you wanna just skip it and go back to our place for some fun?"


Probie: "I'm up for whatever, but when you say fun --"


Sarah: "I mean sex."


Probie: "Wow. Um, cool. Uh, great."


Greg: "We play together. That freaks you out?"


Probie [uncertainly]: "No. Not -- at all."


Sarah: "I mean, we don't mess around with each other."


Greg: "That would be weird."


Sarah: "But we like to put somebody in the middle and let things happen."


Greg: "You're bi, right?


Probie: "Yeah."


Greg: "Perfect."


Sarah: "Bi guys are the best."


  • Probie lies in bed bare-chested kissing Sarah. She kisses her way down to his waist. Probie's face assumes a blissful expression. Sarah is heard whimpering. Greg's naked leg lands across Probie's chest and his foot rubs against Probie's face.  Greg and Sarah are heard making kissing, licking and whimpering sounds, both brother and sister performing oral sex on Probie.


  • Lou defends Probie's bisexual threesome.


Lou: "I want to defend your right to bang Hansel and Gretel and not be judged too harshly by your peers...What's with the double standard all of a sudden, gentlemen? A chick who bangs guys decides all of a sudden she wants, y'know, to have a lesbian experience, should she be pissed on for that?"


Sean: "Wait a second. It's a lesbian thing when a chick gets pissed on? That's hot!"


Lou: "Yeah, look, that's not what I'm talkin' about, dipshit. What I'm saying is --"


Sean: "Think about it."


Lou: "Actually, it's a little hot, isn't it? Let me think about that for a minute."


  • Reilly's substitute Chief Pecher opens his office door. Maggie lies on the desk, her legs widely spread and wrapped around Sean's waist. Maggie gasps and shakes as Sean thrusts into her.


    Sean: "Holy shit! Nobody knocks anymore."


    Pecher is embarrassed and asks for a magazine on the desk. Maggie feels around underneath herself. Sean pulls it out from under Maggie's rear, holding it gingerly with two fingers. He hands it to Pecher. As soon as Pecher closes the door thrusting and pounding sounds and Maggie's gasps are heard.


  • Sean rolls off of Maggie, having just finished having sex. Sean whoops in pleasure, but Maggie crosses her arms and looks dissatisfied.


Sean: "Jesus, Maggie. We been married three days. Already the sex has gone down the shitter?"


Maggie: "It was better at work...Y'know like at the firehouse when you did me on that guy's table. THAT was amazing!"


Sean: "Yeah, except the chief walked in on us. And there was that like pen and pencil thing that was poking you in the thigh the whole time."


Maggie: "No, but that's what made it so steamy. The pen and pencil set, that it was so wrong and all...I just got to thinkin' about the desk and it creakin' and the papers fallin' on the floor and the feeling of that blotter on my cool bare ass."


Maggie and Sean return to the firehouse to have sex.


  • Franco looks for Sean to give him orders. He finds Sean in the shower.


    Franco: "What the hell are you doing?...Dry your ass off and get it movin'."


    Sean asks for two seconds. Maggie is heard from inside the shower.


    Maggie: "Why'd you say two seconds? It's gonna take longer than that."


    Sean: "Maggie, just use a little more soap. It'll be over before you know it."


    Sean moans in pleasure.


  • Janet worries that her baby may resemble Johnny. Tommy belittles her concerns.


Tommy: "Both Angie's kids look just like Angie. They look nothing like Johnny, alright? My sperm versus Johnny's sperm? Are you kidding me?...My sperm are like, they have ant strength, okay? My sperm can lift other sperm outta the way."


Their young daughter Katie bursts in. Tommy tries to get her to leave. Katie: "What's sperm?"


Tommy: "It's a food. It's like Spam except it's got y'know more protein, and it's hard to find in the store. Get outta here, okay?"


Katie: "Oh, well I thought it was the stuff which comes out of a man's penis during intercourse."

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Current Sponsors of Rescue Me

DaimlerChrysler Corp.
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766
Phone: (248) 576-5741 or (800)
Fax: (248) 512-1761


Burger King Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Brian Thomas Swette


5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.

Miami, FL  33126

Phone: (305) 378-3000

Fax: (305) 378-7262



Mr. William Campbell


900 Metro Center Blvd.

Foster City, CA 94404

Phone: (650) 432-3200

Fax: (650) 432-7432


Comcast Corporation

Mr. Brian Roberts

Chairman & CEO

1500 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: (215) 665-1700

Fax: (215) 981-7790

Click the button below for a full list of Current Sponsors and their contact info.

Network Contact Info:

Write to FX's parent company News Corporation and let them know that this kind of material doesn't belong on expanded basic cable.


News Corporation
Mr. K. Rupert Murdoch, CEO & Chairman and CEO

Mr. Peter Chernin, President
1211 Ave. of the Americas

8th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 852-7000

Fax: (212) 852-7147


P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900



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Letter from Dairy Queen to PTC

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