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THE PROBLEM:  Television is a powerful tool that can be used to educate and inspire. It can also be used by unscrupulous networks to introduce content and themes children are not emotionally ready to confront, all for the sake of ratings and advertising revenue. Sexual promiscuity, foul language and graphic violence on television are having a disastrous effect on society, particularly on our most vulnerable members. The coarsening of American culture and the rising tide of violence among our children are realities we can no longer afford to ignore.

Studies have shown:

Responsibility must be restored to the entertainment industry. This is an ambitious undertaking, but the voices of real people across America, emboldened to act, can move mountains. Parents must be made aware of the dangers of destructive entertainment content and be empowered to fight it.


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THE SOLUTION The Parents Television Council is a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization whose mission is to restore responsibility to the entertainment industry. Having grown to over a million members, the PTC is the largest organization of its kind dedicated solely to improving the content of entertainment programming.


Research and Analysis: The PTC authors and distributes in-depth studies, special reports, monthly newsletters, press releases, and viewing guides to its members, the entertainment industry and its sponsors, lawmakers, other like-minded organizations, and the public at large. The PTC is the only organization in America that systematically tapes, archives and analyzes every program on primetime, broadcast entertainment television, which includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ITV and CW networks, as well as programming on expanded basic cable.


Targeting Sponsors:  The PTC maintains regular contact with top advertisers.  Since we began our work, more than 40 major corporations have formed the Family Friendly Programming Forum to demonstrate a commitment to quality programming.  As an active PTC member, we provide you with the tools and information you need to contact sponsors of offensive shows and sponsors of quality programming.  Thousands of consumers contacting a company about its sponsorship decisions speaks with a powerful voice.


Grassroots Activism: In 2001, the PTC instituted a plan to establish chapters across America. Local PTC chapters work in their communities to help clean up local television programming by educating community organizations and residents how they can have an impact on local broadcast television. The chapters bring PTC concerns and issues to local advertisers, national network affiliates, and file complaints with the FCC when television content is obscene or objectionable. The PTC has chapters throughout America.


THE TOOLS:  The PTC's website,, is the primary tool for providing users with up-to-the-minute information about the organization and its campaigns.  It provides evolving resources, extensive educational tools, and serves as a gateway for grassroots activism.  The site contains customized sections for parents, activists, advertisers, the creative community, and the media.  The PTC has expanded its resources for parents to include a Parents' Guide which contains entertainment reviews and explains TV, video game, movie and music ratings. Visitors can also access a complete database of TV advertiser contacts.





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