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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Chapter

Deborah Dell, Chapter Director
P.O. Box 114
Bethel Park, PA 15102
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The Daily Courier on Cable Choice

Media conglomerates make our jobs as parents more difficult. They bundle programming in a way that forces consumers to pay for stations they don't want. What other industry requires consumers to pay for a product they don't want in order to get something they do want? If you went to the Cinema 10 to see one movie, would you be required to pay for the other nine? Of course not. Meanwhile, cable prices keep rising and our jobs as parents become more difficult as the cable industry competes to produce the "most shocking" and "most violent" episodes.

Parents Television Council Launches Pittsburgh Chapter - PTC Press Release


Deborah Dell is the proud parent of two young children and wife of 13 years to husband, Chris. As a mother she has grown concerned with the violence, profanity, and sexual content that is running rampant in today's television programming. As the director of the Pittsburgh Chapter, Dell brings a strong sense of duty, charity, and public service to her position. She is currently a member of America's Foundation, a political action committee led by Senator Rick Santorum whose primary aim is a call for the return of conservatism and focus on the family. She is also a member of the Ladies of Charity, a church organization that helps provide meals to battered women in her neighborhood. In addition, Dell has worked with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank providing "hunger awareness training" to first and second graders. Dell also worked in conjunction with her daughter and the Life Outreach International organization to raise $5000 to build a water well for an impoverished community in Africa.


As an active participant in her community, Deborah believes children to be our greatest asset. "What we put into our kids, is what we're going to get out. If their media diet includes adult themed television, we should expect to be disappointed." Dells goal as a mother and chapter director is to educate and motivate her community. To successfully initiate positive change in the types of entertainment invited into their homes. Deborah has seen first hand how from exposure to adult content programming our children are being de-sensitized to violence and enticed by sexual themes on television. She believes that "just as commercials influence us to buy things, provocative and violent programming can influence our kids beyond any moral and ethical sensibilities we've established. Children are impressionable and parents need help discerning what is appropriate and what is not. The PTC is a resource here to help them." Dell advocates and encourages local television, their advertisers, and their affiliates for a return to integrity, courtesy, and accountability in the production of positive and socially responsible entertainment today.





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