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Family Guy Content (Reader Discretion Advised)


Foul language, graphic violence and inappropriate sexual content including bestiality and child sex), and disrespect of parents and authority is abundant in this television program.   In addition, the show also features inappropriate content regarding religion. 


Examples of Coarse Language:

Inappropriate words such as “ass”, “damn”, “bastard”, "bitch", "ass" and “douchebag” are used often. During one episode, a Fred Flintstone-like character (which is appealing to children) says to Wilma, “You passive aggressive bitch!” In another incident, one character says to another,  “I’ll bet you can’t get a boner”, which was replied to by “That’s not very
nice, Brian”, to which “Brian replied, “Neither is your mother’s ass.


Examples of Inappropriate Sexual Content (including bestiality and child sex):

During one episode girl was having a sexual relationship with a dog.  Once she walked out on him after the child walked in the room, the child implied that the dog should have sex with him for the girl walking out on him.

In one episode, the father dresses up as a police officer at his daughter’s bachelorette party. He starts taking off his uniform as a stripper. He is wearing a tiny thong. He puts his leg up on the couch suggestively. He starts gyrating and wiggles his behind in his daughter’s face. All the while the daughter is telling her father to stop. Her glasses get stuck somewhere in his behind.

In another episode, Stewie (the baby) gets in trouble by the mother.  Later, he fantasizes about himself being laid out on and chained to a rack, with his mother (in a garter and bra and with a cigarette in her mouth) tightening the rack.  Stewie is laughing and yells, “Oh, what’s next, what’s next, oh, God!  I’ve been so bloody naughty!  I need to be taught a lesson and you’re going to do it!!  Then, the mother holds a burning cigarette on his abdomen and the baby yells, “Aaaah!   Ooooh!  Thank you!”  He then comes back to reality, and says to himself, “Oh, yes, all that stuff – let’s make THAT happen!”  He tries to make his mother mad at him and says to her, “Slap me across the face like a bitch!  Violate me with a wine bottle!”

During a family vacation, a babysitter is hired. His name is Mr. Herbert and he is a pedophile. He tells the kids that he expects good behavior. Chris, the teenager says, “Well that sucks.” Mr. Herbert responds, “Don’t you mouth off to me or I’m going to smack you right in your penis.”

In another scene, Lois, the mother, and Brian, the dog, are sitting on the couch. Brian tries to kiss her and she pushes him away. Later Brian and the husband Peter get into a fight at a bar. They are punching, biting, and throwing each other. When they are finished glass is broken and there is a lot of blood.

During another episode, the baby is having a relationship with a high school girl.  They are in the car and the girl rips her shirt off.  The baby says, “I’m ready for sex!” and pulls off his pants.  The girls starts laughing and tells him to get out of the car.  Later, at school, the kids are making fun of the baby by calling him a “baby penis”.  He confronts the girl for letting out their “secret” and she replies, “Well, you’re the one with the baby penis.”  The baby then convinces her again to kiss him and then pulls off all of his clothes, mocking that she is kissing a nude baby with a baby penis.

During another episode, the baby of the show commands, “Mother, I’m hungry. Take those breasts out.” The family then discusses whether the dog, she herself or the teenage son should “try them out” to make sure that they are not “drugged.”

In another episode, some male characters have a discussion during which they contemplate which (in their opinion) distasteful women they would sleep with in order to have sex with someone they thought was extremely attractive. At another point, one character’s wife seduces her neighbor by purposefully undressing in front of the window when he walks by.

While the mother is celebrating with her arms up, the family dog (Brian) reaches up to fondle her breasts.

At the 17-year-old daughter’s birthday party, a man is telling a joke to a group of young girls.  After they giggle at the joke, the man says, “So, which one of you girls wants to lose your virginity?”


Examples of Graphic Violence and Disrespect of Parents and Authority:

In one scene during the one episode, Peter, the father, assaults a girl who has been bullying his daughter Meg. He beats her with a fire extinguisher, and father and daughter leave her in a pool of blood.

During another episode, the baby schemes to kill his mother.  He shoots her down with a machine gun, after which she comes back to life, and then confronts the baby. The baby tells his mother, “Bring it on, bitch.” They have a shoot-out/punch-out fight in their living room. At the end of the fight the baby is left dead in a blood bath. The next scene is the baby removing his “virtual goggles” and telling the dog, “I guess I won’t kill her – it’s not worth it.”

During one episode, Peter imagines putting a pistol in his mouth and pulling the trigger, and Bonnie points a gun at Joe and shoots him multiple times.

The daughter yells at her father (after he implies several times how old she is), “You don’t even know my birthday, you son-of-a-bitch.

On scene shows the mother punching and kicking her baby.


Examples of Inappropriate Content Regarding Religion:

During one episode:

Pontius: This is so weird because just today I was thinking about how I wanted to find the son of God and nail him to some wood.

Judas: Well let’s go find him and kick his ass!

During one scene, a couple of the character has Mother Teresa in the back of a van.  One yells, “Push the bitch out!”







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