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Parents Television Council Introduces Utah County Chapter - PTC Press Release


Mrs. Utah is using her title to popularize 'decency tour'


But Larson is not using her Mrs. Utah title to start her decency-promotion efforts. It's more of the reverse, with her decency platform helping her gain the title in her first-ever pageant. Larson's experience on decency issues began in 2006 when she became president of the Utah Valley Chapter of American Mothers Inc. She's also served as the Utah County director for the Parents Television Council, a roundtable member of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography and the Utah County liaison for www.strengthenthefamily.net.


"Up until this point, I was just a really passionate mom," she said. "But does the Rotary want a really passionate mom to come speak? No, they want Mrs. Utah or someone with a title. People will listen if I have a title instead of just 'mom,' and already that's the case."


Larson hopes that a year from now, schools throughout the state will celebrate White Ribbons Against Pornography week, beyond those at a few Utah County schools. She hopes that city councils throughout the state will have adopted community-standards resolutions. She hopes that people will have signed up for weekly e-mails at KarmelLarson.com and tapped into resources listed at teamdecency.com. She hopes that people will have taken some sort of action to foster decency and not just talked about doing something.


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Teenager spreads the word: Cussing isn't cool


On Saturday while in Salt Lake City, Hatch stood in a house of words to spread the word about bad words.


"I thought it would be something just in our city," the 16-year-old from South Pasadena, Calif., said while at the Sweet Library. "Of course, it's gotten a lot bigger and it's been about to spread the word about using good and positive language, which is nice."


Hatch was in town to help Mrs. Utah, Karmel Larson, launch her "T.E.A.M. Decency" activities.


Hatch was amazed at the amount of cussing that occurred in his middle school when he started sixth grade. Cussing didn't happen in grade school, but "everybody cussed" in middle school, he said. "And it wasn't like they were using it when they stubbed their toe. They were using it every other word," he said.


Having "never really cussed," Hatch was bothered so much by the profanities that he challenged his friends to refrain from rough language. They did. And the idea blossomed to a school club in 2007, then to a Web site (www.nocussingclub.com) that now has no-cuss commitments from people in all 50 states and a few dozen countries.


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Community Activist Becomes Chapter Director

The Utah County Chapter is headed by dedicated mother of four, Karmel Larson. Larson received her Bachelors degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. A licensed social service worker, Larson has devoted her life to being a community activist and volunteer. Larson works as a realtor in Mapleton, Utah, where she lives with her husband and four children.


Larson is the Utah Valley Chapter President for American Mothers, Inc., a non-profit organization that focuses on strengthening the moral and spiritual foundations of home-life for families. She is an actively involved committee member for the State Board for White Ribbon Campaign, which is an effort to fight pornography. She is also actively involved with the Partners for Infants and Children (PIC). Larson, a Sunday School Teacher, is also the former President of Relief Society, a large women’s service group. She has dedicated much of her time in the past to volunteering with hospitals, the Red Cross, the Center for Women & Children in Crisis, for students with disabilities, and various other service programs.

In addition to actively volunteering her time to service organizations, Larson, also, is the Group Leader of the Couples Book club in her area and is president of the Couples Network of Utah Valley. She is part of the Suzuki Association of Utah, Harp and Piano.


Larson and her chapter will focus on increasing local awareness about the impact that sex, violence and profanity in the media has on children, by providing the community a source of information on the latest news and research regarding television programming.


Visit Chapter Director Karmel Larson’s blog at www.utahcountyptc.wordpress.com


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