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Why I Joined The PTC

Caroline Eichenberg, Entertainment Analyst

I grew up in the Mojave Desert of California, where summers meant going to the movies and the pool, and watching television inside an air-conditioned house. As a teenager, I contemplated a career in the entertainment industry, but struggled with the need to do something that helps and uplifts others.

At Santa Clara University, studying history and communications, I began to explore my passion for entertainment media through various classes on the subject and by choosing research topics that dealt with the influence of movies and television in our lives. I came to understand the profound and powerful impact the media has on members of our society. Movies and television not only entertain, they teach and set standards as well. I realized that armed with a sense of entertainment's power, I could use my passion to help others and shape our culture in a positive way.

After graduating in June 1999, I spent a year in the Los Angeles area as the editor of a teen magazine whose mission was to view popular culture through the eyes of faith. My time there introduced me to the inside of the entertainment industry and gave me the opportunity to write and research articles about celebrities, music, movies, and television.

I knew working for the PTC was the perfect fit for me. Here, I am able to blend my interest in entertainment, my knowledge of its power to influence and to educate (for better or worse) with my desire to contribute to society in a positive and life-affirming manner.

I have been at the PTC for a year now. During this short time, I have been the analyst for three different networks, which has provided me with a breadth of knowledge about the broadcast landscape. Currently, I am responsible for viewing the UPN and ITV networks. In addition, I research and compile the primetime PTC Picks for our website and conduct interviews for the PTC Insider.

I am proud to be a part of the PTC, and proud to be in a place where I can help influence programmers and advertisers to choose projects that will improve society by giving people something to live up to; rather than settling for the lowest common denominator.




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