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A Special Message from Brent Bozell

World Trade Center Premiers August 9th - Don't Miss it!

Dear Friend of the PTC:

Once in a great while, Hollywood produces a film that is so important, and so powerful that it demands to be seen.

I have just attended an advance screening of just such a picture. On August 9th, Oliver Stone's World Trade Center will open in movie theaters across the country. It is nothing short of a masterpiece.

You may be asking yourself: Oliver Stone?? The Oliver Stone who has been embroiled in so many controversial movies? That's the question I asked myself, too. But then I saw World Trade Center. It is an amazing accomplishment.

I urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to go see this film. I'm also hoping you will encourage all of your friends and relations to go see it as well.

When the planes slammed into the two towers on that awful day, 9-11-01, America was forever changed. How many of us swore we would never forget what we felt that day? How many of us already have?

In the face of almost unbearable tragedy, heroes rose up among us. World Trade Center recaptures that one snapshot in time when all politics was put aside and America stood strong, united. It honors the memory of those we lost on 9-11. It honors the true and noble spirit of self-sacrifice we all bore witness to on that day. But most importantly, it honors faith and family with such beauty and tenderness and dignity that you won't believe your eyes.

This is not a movie for young children of course, but anyone old enough to remember 9-11 should and must go to see this film. It is gritty, it is realistic, but it is so important for us all to see and remember what America went through on that day.

So please, mark it on your calendar and go see World Trade Center on August 9th, and urge everyone you know to go see it, too.

I promise: You will leave the theater a changed person.


Brent Bozell
Founder & President
Parents Television Council

Click Here to Visit the World Trade Center Official Site.




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