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MTV Corrupts Kids – And YOU Are Paying For It!


For nearly thirty years, MTV has been a mainstay of cable television; but the network’s programming has changed tremendously. From its early success as a network that showed music videos, MTV has been transformed into a haven for “reality” programming featuring totally unreal – and harmful -- perspectives on teenage life.


Shows like The Real World put young adults from diverse backgrounds together in a home free of responsibilities or supervision, encouraging them to engage in promiscuous sex and drunken revelry. The most recent example of this phenomenon was the execrable Jersey Shore, in which stereotyped Italian “guidos” and “guidettes” moved in together, where they wasted their time missing work, drinking, vomiting, and “hooking up.” Several Shot at Love programs with Tila Tequila and the “Ikky Twins” featured men and women competing to have sex with the bisexual stars; and shows like The Girls of Hedsor Hall further promoted promiscuity.  Meanwhile, programs like Parental Control and Date My Mom have portrayed parents as clueless louts or sex-obsessed hypocrites who engage in promiscuous behavior themselves. 


MTV has also encouraged teens to engage in physically dangerous behavior. Programs like Jackass, Scarred, and the new The Dudesons in America (which premiered this Thursday) make celebrities out of teens and young adults who engage in dangerous driving, skateboarding, and athletic stunts, and who often deliberately injure themselves for the camera.


And recently, MTV has announced forthcoming new dramatic series which will also play up themes of teenage sex and drug use. The Hard Times of R. J. Berger, set to premiere in June, will have as its lead character a high school boy who becomes wildly popular when word gets around about the size of his member. MTV is also producing its own version of the depraved sex-and-drugs British drama Skins, this one starring American teenagers. 


Few parents would want their children exposed to these programs; but even if parents forbid children to watch MTV or block the channel, they are still funding its objectionable content through their monthly cable subscription. A parent may want cable so that children can watch the Disney Channel or Discovery; but they are FORCED by the cable industry to pay for MTV as well.


MTV wreaks havoc on children’s view of the world…and charges you for the privilege. Only when every cable and satellite subscriber can pay to receive only those channels they actually watch will children be truly safe from MTV’s corrupting influence.






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