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Fox Promotes Children’s Movie with Family Guy Sex Scene


On January 22nd, 20thCentury-Fox will release the movie Tooth Fairy. Starring Dwayne Johnson as a macho pro athlete who is forced to take on the duties of the magical Tooth Fairy, the movie is rated PG and is clearly targeted at young children. But the studio considered it appropriate to promote this film with a graphic sex scene on Fox’s adult-themed animated series Family Guy.


In the Sunday, January 3rd episode of Family Guy, husband Peter is suffering from amnesia. He spies on his wife Lois as she undresses down to her bra and panties. “Get nude! Get nude! Please get nude!” Peter drools from his hiding place in a closet. Lois tells him, “You don’t have to spy on me. You’re my husband.” “Something’s happening in my pants, in the front this time,” Peter says, as he stands next to his near-naked wife. “That just means you’re excited…It means you want to make love,” says Lois. “But I forget how to make love,” the amnesiac Peter stammers. “That’s okay. I’ll show you. Just follow my lead,” Lois leers. Close-ups show Peter’s pants being unbuckled and dropping to the floor, and Peter lying back on the bed, as Lois crawls on top of him. She kisses her way down to his crotch as the song “Feels Like the First Time” blares on the soundtrack.


The sex scene is interrupted by a title card stating: “Due to FCC regulations, we cannot show graphic intercourse over the airwaves. Instead, Peter and Lois’ sex scene will be simulated by Dwayne Johnson.”


A brief clip – not animated, but live-action – shows the real-life Dwayne Johnson with a pair of Family Guy dolls. He pounds the Peter doll onto of the Lois one, causing it to slide off a table. Johnson then looks about in mock confusion. The scene cuts back to the Family Guy cartoon, showing Peter atop Lois, both covered with a blanket, as they scream in orgasm.


The rest of the Family Guy episode was filled with “jokes” about incest, scenes depicting Peter beating and murdering a prostitute, and an adulterous Lois’ lover administering electrical shocks to his own genitals as he yells “dammit!” repeatedly. In addition to Johnson’s personal appearance on Family Guy, ads for Tooth Fairy ran throughout all of Fox’s Sunday-night programming – including American Dad, which featured a scene of its lead character masturbating a horse.


Both 20th Century-Fox and the Fox broadcast network are owned by News Corp., so it is not surprising that ads for Tooth Fairy appeared on Fox. What is surprising is that News Corp’s executives apparently believe that the ideal means of promoting their children’s movie is with a sex scene – in which the movie’s star participates.


This also proves that what the PTC has long contended is true: while Fox claims its Sunday night cartoon lineup is intended for adults, it clearly knows that they are watched by huge numbers of children.

If you'd like to contact Fox about this incident use the contact information below:


Scott Grogin, Senior Vice President Communications
Fox Networks Group
Phone: 310-369-4733
Fax: 310-369-1283
E-Mail: scott.grogin@fox.com 





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