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The Parents Television Council in the News

The PTC's reach keeps growing and our impact keeps getting stronger. PTC spokespersons are frequent guests on talk radio and television, and print journalists are picking up PTC material. Below is a partial listing of some of the numerous print, radio, and TV outlets that have interviewed our spokespersons, published our research, or highlighted the impact of the PTC. These media appearances are worth millions of dollars to the PTC in "earned media," which means that every dollar you donate to the PTC gets that much extra mileage. We're reaching millions of potential supporters with the message that we are here to help families take back the airwaves and stop Hollywood's corrupting influence.



9.09.09 - 'Family Guy' and the new FCC - Washington Watch

8.05.09 - Fast-food franchisees ask chains to tone down racy ads - USA Today

7.06.09 - Cable TV provides unwanted channels - News-Leader.com

4.28.09 - Court: FCC 'fleeting expletive' rule OK -- for now - Associated Press

4.28.09 - Supreme Court Rules that Government Can Fine for 'Fleeting Expletives' - The Washington Post

4.16.09 - TV routinely disses marriage - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

3.22.09 - Reality TV gets religion - The Washington Times

2.17.09 - Nip, Tuck, No Thank You - Townhall.com

1.30.09 - Dave on Demand: the television week in review - Fresno Bee

1.27.09 - What the (expletive) is going on here? - Boston Herald

1.23.09 - Spears Song Protested - New York Times

1.22.09 - How closely are we monitoring YouTube? - MarybethHicks.com



PTC President, Tim Winter discusses Britney Spears new song If You Seek Amy. Click here to Watch!


Dan Isett discusses discusses the controversial Gossip Girl ads on ABC News. Click here to Watch!


Melissa Henson discusses PTC's new study Happily Never After on MSNBC. Click here to Watch!


Dan Isett discusses the recent court decision on the Janet Jackson case. Click here to listen!


Pat Boone is Presented the PTC Integrity in Entertainment AwardTM on TBN's Behind the Scenes. Click here to Watch!


Dan Isett discusses Cable Choice on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Click here to Watch!



"Almost single-handedly, the PTC has become a national clearing house for, and arbiter of, decency..."

Time Magazine, 4/28/05

"The PTC is arguably the most powerful single force in broadcasting today. With 20 full-time staff employees manning offices in Los Angeles and Virginia, the PTC does what the FCC does not it monitors all network programming. When its reviewers find something they believe objectionable, the PTC mobilizes its mailing list to use form letters to complain to the FCC." Austin Chronicle 2/18/05

"The PTC was a major force in the public outcry over Janet Jackson's breast-baring Super Bowl half-time performance last year. By the organization's estimate, one-fourth of the 530,828 complaints that poured in came from council members or those informed of the performance by the group's e-mail alert." Houston Chronicle 1/1/05

"The Parents Television Council is the big 800-pound gorilla in the room," says David Carlin, an attorney at Reed Smith, who specializes in indecency cases. Financial Times, 6/14/05

"The Parents Television Council is changing business as usual from Hollywood to Madison Avenue." Daily Times-Call, 1/3/05


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