Parents Television Council (PTC) Fact Sheet

For further information contact: Kelly Oliver (ext. 140) or Megan Franko (ext. 148) at (703) 683-5004.


1995 as 501 (c) 3 non profit, non partisan national advocacy organization


707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2075
Los Angeles, California 90017



The Parents Television Council advocates a dramatic reduction in gratuitous sex, violence and profanity on television, films, video games and in other media because of their long-term harmful and desensitizing effects on children.

Annual budget:

$4.75 million (2003 operating budget)


Three primary departments implement the PTC mission: Research & Publications, Government & Entertainment Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy.

  • Research & Publications: Records and analyzes all network television programming, logging every instance of sexually explicit content, profanity, violence and other negative/harmful messages targeted towards children. Produces all PTC research, analysis and publications, including the annual "State of the Industry" reports on sex, Violence and profanity on television. Provides all TV show data and analysis free of charge via the corporate website,

  • Government & Entertainment Affairs: Implements corporate programming initiatives targeting television broadcasters and networks; corporate advertisers and sponsors; federal, state and local government officials (both elected and appointed); and outreach to the Hollywood creative community.

  • Grassroots Advocacy: Manages the PTC national grassroots initiative, a nationwide group of local community activists who implement national initiatives at the local level and elevate important local issues to the national level.

Board of Directors:

The Honorable Leon J. Weil, Chairman
L. Brent Bozell, III
Pat Boone
The Honorable Robert D. Stuart Former Chairman & CEO, Quaker Oats
Phillip Friedmann Co-Founder Recycled Paper Greetings, Inc.

Wendy H. Borcherdt - Borcherdt and Associates


Corporate Officers:

L. Brent Bozell, III, Founder
Timothy Winter, President
Mark Barnes, Treasurer

Melissa Henson, Corporate Secretary


Advisory Board:

Performers Connie Sellecca, Pat Boone, Naomi Judd, Billy Ray Cyrus, Susan Howard, Dean Jones, Tim Conway, and Cheryl Rhoads. Writers/directors/producers William Blinn, Coleman Luck, Dave Johnson, Gary Johnson, Phil and Michelle Barron, Ken and Susan Wales. NFL Hall of Famers Jim Otto and Mel Renfro. Political and civic activists Dr. William Bennett, Wendy Borcherdt and Father Val J. Peter, (executive director, Boys Town). Hollywood commentators Michael Medved and Holly McClure. US Senator Sam Brownback. Business executive John Carvelli. Honorary Chairman Emeritus, the late Steve Allen.

Number of employees:

23 (combined offices)

# of chapters

53 chapters in 31 states

# of members:

Over 1.3 million