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Press Room

General press inquiries and requests for interviews can be obtained by contacting the PTC's media representatives Liz Krieger at (703) 683-5004 x120 or via e-mail at lkrieger@crcpublicrelations.com or Katie Glenn at (703) 683-5004 x144,


Specific information about PTC grassroots activities and chapter directors can be obtained by calling the PTC headquarters at (213) 403-1300.


Recent Press Releases

12/18 PTC Commends Entertainment Industry for its Response to the Newtown Tragedy

12/13 PTC Writes the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board Regarding the Misrating of The Walking Dead
12/10 Following announcement of “Esquire Network,” PTC Calls for Cable Choice

12/05 Former Model Called Out Victoria’s Secret for Targeting Young Girls with Fashion Show

11/19 PTC Releases Annual Ranking of Best and Worst TV Sponsors

11/08 PTC Applauds Brinker for No Longer Sponsoring Offensive Television Content

10/11 PTC Launches New Campaign "For Every Girl"

10/03 PTC Asks Members to File Formal FCC Complaints Against “American Dad” (TAKE ACTION)

09/19 PTC Study Finds TV Ratings System Inadequate

08/20 PTC Finds Shocking Spike in Full Nudity on Broadcast TV

07/10 PTC Calls for Cable Choice in Light of DirectTV/Viacom Dispute

07/03 Parents TV Council Celebrates the Life of TV Icon Andy Griffith

06/29 PTC Disappointed by SCOTUS Refusal to Hear Janet Jackson Indecency Case

06/21 PTC Applauds Supreme Court for Siding with Decency Law

06/11 PTC Jeers Half-Hearted Expansion of TV Ratings Policy

06/05 PTC Praises Disney for Enacting Junk Food Advertising Ban

05/23 INSP Network Earns PTC Seal of ApprovalTM

05/07 Letter to Sponsors Regarding America's Got Talent

05/07 PTC Congratulates New FCC Appointees

05/04 Statement from PTC President Tim Winter on Vogue pledge to no longer feature underage models

04/18 PTC Praises FCC for Seeking Supreme Court Review of Janet Jackson Decision

04/06 PTC Calls Out MPAA for ‘Bully’ Special Treatment

03/27  PTC Calls On AMC to Adhere to Ratings Policy

03/09  PTC Applauds MPAA for Accurate Rating of “Bully”

02/23  PTC Calls on Apple to Commit to Family-Friendly TV Programming/No-Porn-App Policy

02/13  Fifth Annual 'Crown Award' Presented to Coca-Cola for Responsible Advertising

02/13  PTC Cautions Parents, Sponsors and Content Ratings Board over MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back”

02/06  Statement from Parents Television Council President Tim Winter regarding the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show

01/09  PTC Urges Supreme Court to Halt TV Networks’ Attempt to Obliterate Indecency Law




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