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Press Release

June 7, 2006

PTC Declares Victory Over Passage of Indecency Legislation

LOS ANGELES (June 7, 2006) – The Parents Television Council™ praised the U.S. House for passing legislation that will significantly increase fines to broadcasters for violating the indecency law.  The House passed the U.S. Senate version of the legislation, which President Bush is expected to sign.


"Families across America are celebrating this major victory.  They have spoken loudly and clearly to Congress. They are fed up with the sexually raunchy and gratuitously violent content that's broadcast over the public airwaves, particularly during hours when millions of children are in the viewing audience.  We applaud the U.S. House for listening and acting to hold broadcasters responsible for their violations of the law," said L. Brent Bozell, president of the PTC™.


"The FCC will now have the authority to impose meaningful, punitive fines when the indecency law is broken.  We hope that the hefty fines will cause the multi-billion dollar broadcast networks finally to take the law seriously.


"We have documented and proven that the ratings system and V-chip are fatally flawed and do nothing to protect children from the barrage of filth that Hollywood is dumping on the public airwaves, oftentimes aiming it directly at impressionable youngsters.  The V-chip relies on the flawed ratings system.  The ratings are inconsistent, inaccurate, arbitrary and unreliable, not just across the various networks but even within networks themselves.  Parents simply cannot rely on these to protect their children.


"Instead, the networks must have a significant financial penalty for violating the indecency law and the public trust.  We certainly hope that this legislation will provide such a deterrent, and that President Bush will quickly sign this bill into law as he has promised," concluded Bozell.


PTC Praises Senate for Passing Indecency Bill - PTC Press Release


To speak with a representative from the Parents Television Council, please contact Kelly Oliver at (703) 683-5004 ext. 140.

The Parents Television Council™ (www.parentstv.org®) is a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. It was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media. This national grassroots organization has over one million members across the United States, and works with television producers, broadcasters, networks and sponsors in an effort to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children. The PTC also works with elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards. Most importantly, the PTC produces critical research and publications documenting the dramatic increase in sex, violence and profanity in entertainment. This information is provided free of charge so parents can make informed viewing choices for their own families.




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