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Press Release

July 31, 2006

PTC: CBS is Two-Faced


Network Apologizes for Indecent Super Bowl Incident, Then Claims in Lawsuit That It's Not Indecent


LOS ANGELES (July 31, 2006) – With only one more business day left to pay the indecency fine for airing Janet Jackson's breast during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, CBS finally paid its $550,000 bill to the FCC, only to turn around and file suit to overturn the fine.  The Parents Television Council™ said that CBS has "slapped the public in the face" with its lawsuit.


"CBS is two-faced.  The company apologized profusely after the incident happened and reminded the public last week that it had apologized.  What it's not telling the public in its press releases is that its lawsuit maintains there was nothing indecent about Janet Jackson exposing herself during the football game with millions of children watching," said L. Brent Bozell, president of the PTC™.


"If this incident was not indecent, as CBS is claiming in court, why is CBS apologizing?  If CBS is honest in its apology, why is it filing a lawsuit claiming the incident is not indecent?


"CBS has continued to show its arrogance and disregard for the decency law.  It's outrageous that CBS thinks it has a ‘right' to air nudity over the public airwaves at hours when millions of children are in the viewing audience.  CBS thinks that only an apology suffices and has gone on to essentially slap the public in the face with its lawsuit to ensure its ‘right' to air indecent material.


"Not only does CBS feel it has the ‘right' to air nudity over the public airwaves, it also thinks parents should be the ones taking responsibility for the raunch that's broadcast into their living rooms.  CBS' participation in the $300 million dollar ad campaign to teach parents about ‘parental controls' is even more proof of how out of touch CBS is with American families and demonstrates just how cynical and desperate it has become.


"CBS is a prime example of why the vast majority of Americans, Congress and the White House supported increasing broadcast indecency fines.  CBS shows that the networks cannot be trusted to ensure commonsense decency standards are met and that the decency law is followed.  Fines against multi-billon dollar networks that break the law are the only way to safeguard the public airwaves."


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The Parents Television Council™ (www.parentstv.org®) is a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. It was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media. This national grassroots organization has over one million members across the United States, and works with television producers, broadcasters, networks and sponsors in an effort to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children. The PTC also works with elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards. Most importantly, the PTC produces critical research and publications documenting the dramatic increase in sex, violence and profanity in entertainment. This information is provided free of charge so parents can make informed viewing choices for their own families.




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