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Press Release

January 16, 2007

PTC: Fox Deliberately Displays the "F-Word" During Prime Time Football Game

Group Calls for FCC Sanctions and Advertiser Refunds


LOS ANGELES (January 16, 2007) - The Parents Television Council™ chastised Fox for what appeared to be a deliberate display of the "f-word" during the broadcast of the NFL playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles.  The PTC called on its members to file complaints with the FCC about this indecent broadcast, and on Fox to refund its sponsors' money.


During a cutaway shot to the stadium spectators, the camera focused directly on a woman wearing a t-shirt clearly inscribed with the words "F--k Da Eagles" (without the dashes).  The shot stayed focused on the woman and her shirt for several seconds.  Fans on the East Coast saw this obscenity televised during the Family Hour - 8:30 p.m. ET – and it aired at 5:30 p.m. on the West Coast.


"There is no doubt that this was an intentional airing of patently offensive language on the public airwaves, as the person wearing the profane t-shirt was chosen by the Fox Network's broadcast crew from more than 70,000 spectators in the stadium.  The camera operator selected that particular woman and the director and/or producers of the event made an affirmative and conscious decision to air the shot from that particular camera, forcing the ‘f-word' into millions of homes," said Tim Winter, president of the PTC™.


"It used to be that you could sit down and watch an evening football game with your children without fear of them being exposed to inappropriate material.  Obviously, that's no longer the case.  Obscenities airing in live sports programming are becoming a regular occurrence.  Not only do the networks seem unwilling to implement a simple 5-second delay to prevent such profanity reaching children and families, it now appears that they are intentionally seeking such material out.  And in this instance, like so many others, the v-chip would not and could not have protected children and families from the indecent content.


"Broadcasters are legally obligated to act in the public interest and to adhere to decency laws.  Time and time again the networks have violated those laws and challenged the right of the public to hold them accountable.  To add insult to injury, the Fox Network has filed suit in federal court claiming it should have the right to air unlimited offensive language at any time of day - but the law does not give them that right, nor has any court granted it.  We are calling on our members across the nation to file formal indecency complaints with the FCC, and we urge the Commission to take swift and decisive action to protect the public airwaves from those who are abusing their privilege to use them.


"Lastly, we are calling on the Fox Television Network and all of its affiliated stations to refund to its advertisers 100% of the advertising revenue they received for this broadcast.  The sponsors were dealt the same ‘sucker punch' from Fox that millions of children and families received, and they shouldn't be forced to pay for it."


Click here to file a complaint with the FCC about this broadcast.


To schedule an interview with a PTC representative, please contact Kelly Oliver (ext. 140) or Megan Franko (ext. 148) at (703) 683-5004.

The Parents Television Council™ (www.parentstv.org®) is a non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment. It was founded in 1995 to ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media. This national grassroots organization has more than 1.3 million members across the United States, and works with television producers, broadcasters, networks and sponsors in an effort to stem the flow of harmful and negative messages targeted to children. The PTC also works with elected and appointed government officials to enforce broadcast decency standards. Most importantly, the PTC produces critical research and publications documenting the dramatic increase in sex, violence and profanity in entertainment. This information is provided free of charge so parents can make informed viewing choices for their own families.




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