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Press Releases

Find out what the Parents Television Council is doing to help you and your family fight to restore family-friendly Television.


12:15  PTC Calls “Family Guy” Episode with Strippers Indecent

12:11  PTC: FCC Appointment of Stuart Benjamin Raises Serious Questions About the FCC’s Will to Enforce the Broadcast Decency Law

12:09  PTC Names the Best and Worst TV Sponsors

12:03  PTC: Comcast-NBC Merger is Anti-Family and Anti-Consumer

11:23: PTC Slams ABC for Tasteless “American Music Awards” Broadcast

11:19: PTC Asks Microsoft to Stop Sponsoring All Seth MacFarlane Programming

11:10: PTC Reacts to “Gossip Girl” Threesome Episode

11:04: PTC Issues Warning: CW Network Affiliates Should Preempt Threesome

10:28: Women in Peril: PTC Report Finds Increase in Violence Against Females on Television

10:27: PTC: Kudos to Microsoft for Ditching Seth MacFarlane Special

10:13: General Mills Awarded Third Annual 'Crown Award' for Responsible TV Advertising

10:02: Best New Comedy from CBS:  Their 3rd Circuit Brief

09:28: No Apologies: NBC Allows Another “F-word” to Air Unbleeped

09:24: PTC Applauds Companies That Stopped Sponsoring Graphic Content on “Two and a Half Men”

09:18: PTC Response to Former FCC Commissioners’ Brief in “Fleeting Expletives” Case

09:15: PTC Calls Out CBS for Still Arguing About Janet Jackson Striptease

08:31: PTC: FCC Report on TV Blocking Technology Comes Up Short

08:17: PTC: “Mad Men” Deserves TV-MA Rating

08:13: PTC Condemns Viacom and Sponsors of “Roast of Joan Rivers”

08:07: PTC Warns Members About Explicit Comedy Central “Roast of Joan Rivers”

07:21: Hardee’s Largest Franchisee Disses Brainless Biscuit Hole Promotion

07:16: PTC: Target Misses the Mark with Gossip Girl Sponsorship

06:30: PTC Slams Explicit BET Awards

06:25: PTC Congratulates Baker on FCC Nomination

06:16: PTC Applauds FCC Nominees’ Support for Broadcast Decency Law During Confirmation Hearings

06:10: PTC Atlanta Chapter Calls on Sen. Isakson to Provide Cable Choice to Families

06:02: PTC Congratulates McDowell on FCC Nomination

06:02: Explicit MTV Movie Awards Proves Need for Cable Choice

06:01: PTC to Senate: FCC Commissioners Must Take a Stand for Broadcast Decency

05:28: PTC to Target: Stop Selling Video Games, DVDs with Adult Content to Minors

05:22: PTC Commends YouTube for Giving Users a Way to Filter Explicit Comments

05:21: PTC: American Idol Finale Crossed the Line

05:20: PTC Applauds Appeal of Ruling Overturning CA Adult Video Game Law

05:18: PTC Calls for Greater Transparency and Change of TV Ratings System

05:04: PTC Praises Supreme Court for Ordering a Second Look at Janet Jackson Super Bowl Striptease Ruling

05:04: Parents Television Council Launches South Tennessee Chapter

05:01: Parents Television Council Launches Oxford Chapter

04:30: PTC Pushes for Decency Focus as Obama Announces Plans to Fill Democratic FCC Seat

04:28: PTC Lauds Supreme Court Ruling Finding "Fleeting" Expletives Indecent

04:16: PTC Blasts Burger King, Viacom for Gross Irresponsibility

04:01: PTC Condemns Fox Network for “Osbournes: Reloaded,” but Applauds Fox Affiliates for Preemption

03:31: PTC Applauds Fox Affiliate for Preempting “Osbournes: Reloaded”

03:31: PTC Mourns Passing of Dr. Robert Shaw

03:26: PTC Announces Two New Advisory Board Members

03:10: PTC: Disney TV Programming Should Align with the Company’s Family Image

03:06: PTC Commends Advance of Child Safe Viewing Act

02:25: PTC Asks Apple to Change TV Ad Sponsorships

02:25: PTC Calls on All TV Networks to Reconsider Airing AshleyMadison.com Ads

02:23: PTC Calls for Appeal of 9th Circuit Court Ruling Overturning CA Violent Video Game Law

02:20: PTC Urges Supreme Court to Hear the Janet Jackson Striptease Indecency Case

02:18: Parents Television Council Launches Central Oklahoma Chapter

02:13: PTC Urges Jack in the Box to Clean Up TV Sponsorships

02:10: CW Uses Jonas Bros. to Push Graphic Material at Kids

02:05: Over 90,000 PTC Members in Texas Call for Action on AshleyMadison.com Ad

01:29: Nip/Tuck Serves Up Sickening Self-Mutilation

01:21: PTC Cautions Parents and Radio Stations About Indecent Britney Spears Song

01:15: Parents Television Council Establishes First Wisconsin Chapter

01:15: PTC Celebrates “Swingtown” Death Knell

01:13: PTC Congratulates Genachowski on Nomination for FCC Chair



12:22: Viacom Says Unedited “F-word” is Appropriate for 14-Year-Old Children

12:17: PTC Analysis of YouTube Finds Explicit Content is One Click Away from Children

12:04: Parents Television Council Launches Northeastern Ohio Chapter

12:02: PTC Welcomes Patrick Trueman to its Advisory Board

11:24: PTC Singles Out Best and Worst TV Advertisers

11:21: PTC Praises FCC for Seeking Supreme Court Review of Janet Jackson Decision

11:21: PTC Calls on Oprah Affiliates for Later Airing and Accurate Content Rating of Sex Therapy Episode

11:18: PTC Welcomes Passage of the Child Safe Viewing Act

11:12: PTC Ranks the Broadcast TV Shows Children Watch Most

11:11: PTC Commends MSNBC for Programming Delay and Scarborough for Apology

11:06: PTC Affirms Support for Broadcast Decency Law

10:29: PTC Finds Increase in Harsh Profanity on TV

10:22: PTC: CBS Crosses Indecency Line with ‘Two and a Half Men’

10:09: PTC, Enough is Enough, National Congress of Black Women, and Industry Ears Praise Cancellation of BET’s Rap City

10:07: Wal-Mart Awarded Second Annual "The Crown Award" for Responsible Advertising Presented by Hallmark Channel and Parents Television Council

10:02: Parents Television Council Introduces Coachella Valley and Central Valley Chapters in California

10:02: PTC Applauds U.S. Senators for Passing the Child Safe Viewing Act

09:30: PTC Blasts CBS for Nudity on ‘Survivor’ Premiere

09:25: PTC Welcomes New Advisory Board Member Dr. Delman Coates, Founder of the Enough is Enough Campaign

09:22: FX Network’s Castration Scene Shows Urgent Need for Consumer Cable Choice

09:12: PTC Presents Darden Restaurants With "Seal of Approval" for TV Sponsorship Practices

09:12: PTC Responds to BET President Resignation

09:11: PTC Slams NBC for Airing Yet Another Unbleeped Profanity on the Today Show

09.04: PTC Demands Accountability from CW and Advertisers after Oral Sex Scene on ‘90210’

09.03: PTC Files Amicus Brief in Support of FCC Fine Against ‘NYPD Blue’

09.02: After PTC Criticism, CW to Allow Some Screenings of ‘90210’

08.26: PTC Urges Democrats and Republicans to Focus on TV Decency, Cable Choice

08.25: PTC Slams CW, Puts ‘90210’ Advertisers on Notice

08.14: PTC Chides Time Warner for Supreme Court Brief

08.06: Statement by Tim Winter: Former FCC Chairmen File Supreme Court Brief

08.06: CBS’s ‘Big Brother’ Drops an F-Bomb on Families

08.05: PTC Advisory Board Member Michael Medved Reacts to New “Sex on TV” Study

08.05: Happily Never After: New PTC Study Reveals TV Favors Non-Marital Sex

08.01: PTC Slams Networks for Challenging Indecency Laws

07.31: Parents Television Council Establishes First Montana Chapter

07.28: PTC: XM/Sirius Merger to Offer Families Choice

07.23: PTC Finds Video Game Retailers Fail to Check Minors’ IDs

07.21: PTC Condemns Court Decision Overturning Super Bowl Striptease Indecency

07.15: PTC Presents “PTC Integrity in Entertainment Award” to Pat Boone on TBN

07.10: Parents Television Council Introduces Utah County Chapter

07.10: Parents Television Council Praises Four Companies for Pulling Ads from “Family Guy”

07.02: Broadcast Networks Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Pacifica by Trying to get it Reversed

06.27: PTC: Cable Lawsuit Could Pave the Way for Consumer Cable Choice

06.24: PTC: ABC Lawyers Should Win “Best Comedy Writing” Award

06.20: Parents Television Council Launches Metro New Orleans Chapter

06.17: PTC Presents Seal of Approval to GSN’s “Bingo America”

06.16: PTC Efforts Cleaned Up TV’s “Dirt”

06.16: Parents Television Council Announces Associate Director for Houston Chapter

06.12: PTC: United Airlines Fails to Provide Family-Friendly Entertainment for Young Passengers

06.11: Parents Television Council Charters 50th Chapter

06.11: PTC Files Amicus Brief in Support of FCC’s Authority to Prevent Profanity on Public Airwaves

06.09: PTC Urges CBS Affiliates to Pre-empt “Swingtown”

06.06: Fox Claims Nudity is Not Indecent

06.05: Parents Television Council Turns 50 in Philadelphia

06.05: Parents Television Council Charters Fourth Texas Chapter

05.22: PTC Asks Payless to Walk Out on Support of Graphic TV Shows

05.21: Family Values Cinema and Parents Television Council Collaborate on Offering Families A Trustworthy DVD Of The Month Club

05.21: PTC Asks American Airlines to Address Parental Concerns Over Adult In-flight Entertainment

05.19: Limited Brands Silences Shareholder Speech

05.13: PTC: TV Shows Applebee’s Advertises on Do Not Reflect IHOP’s Family-Friendly Image

05.12: PTC Commends Responsible Video Game Retailers

05.08: PTC Applauds Video Game Bill Requiring Increased Accountability for Adult Game Sales

05.05: PTC Asks Berkshire Hathaway Not to Underwrite Graphic TV Content

05.01: PTC Condemns CBS for Broken Promise; Calls on CBS Affiliates to Preempt Dexter

04.25: PTC: High Time for CBS to Pull ‘Dexter’

04.24: PTC Asks Pfizer to Reconsider Placing Adult Ads During Family-Oriented TV Shows

04.23: PTC Puts Grand Theft Auto IV Retailers on Notice

04.18: Parents Television Council Launches 2nd Alabama Chapter

04.17: PTC Calls NBC’s Family Hour Pledge Hypocritical

04.10: Children Assaulted by Sex, Violence, Drugs and Explicit Language on BET and MTV

04.08: Parents Lodge Indecency Complaints Over Nudity on “Top Model”

04.04: PTC Commends NBC for Affirming Commitment to the Family Hour

03.24: PTC Asks Fox: Wild Sex Parties Not Indecent?

03.24: PTC Applauds Justice Department Approval of XM/Sirius Merge

03.17: PTC Praises SCOTUS Decision to Hear Indecency Case

03.13: PTC: GAO Needs a New Calculator

03.06: Disney CEO Defends Nudity and Profanity on Public Airwaves

03.04: PTC and Child Health Advocates Condemn CBS for Ultra-Violent TV Content

02.28: Parents Television Council Grows Leadership with New Chapter Director and Advisory Board Chairman for Central Florida

02.28: TBN Awarded Seal of Approval™ by Parents Television Council

02.22: NBC Airs Female Nudity During Primetime

02.20: CBS Deems Serial Killer TV Show to be Appropriate for 14-Year Old Children

02.14: NBC Assaults Families with Offensive Language on Today Show

01.30: PTC to CBS: Do Not Air Dexter on Broadcast TV

01.25: PTC Applauds Maximum Penalty Against ABC for Indecency on ‘NYPD Blue’

01.21: Parents Television Council Announces new Leadership for Colorado Springs Chapter

01.16: Video Game Industry Seeks to Buy Influence in Congress

01.15: PTC Demands Swift Action over “F-word” on ABC’s Morning Show



12.26: PTC Exposes the Ugly Truth About FFPF Pick for Family Television Award

12.18: PTC Criticizes FCC Decision to Relax Media Ownership Rules

12.14: PTC Calls Las Vegas Episode with Explicit Stripping Scene Indecent

12.06: PTC to Senate: Deliver Safe TV to Children for Christmas

12.05: PTC Denounces CBS for Plans to Bring Explicit Showtime Programs to Broadcast TV

11.29: PTC: Time for Burger King to Change Its Tasteless TV Advertising Antics

11.28: PTC Urges FCC and Congress to Listen to Consumers, Not Industry Lobbyists

11.26: PTC: FCC Fumbles Public Interest Obligation

11.16: PTC Congratulates the Campbell Soup Company for Supporting Family-Friendly Television

11.15: Parents Television Council Announces New Leadership for Salt Lake City Chapter

11.14: PTC Praises Clorox for Responsible Advertising Practices

11.08: PTC Testifies That Big Media Companies Consistently Disregard the Public Trust

11.01: PTC Asks ESRB President to Reinstate “Manhunt 2’s” Original AO Rating

11.01: Brinker International Shows Cowardice By Refusing to Hear Descriptions of TV Programs it Sponsors

11.01: PTC Renews Call for Cable Choice Following the Premiere of Nip/Tuck

10.31: PTC Testifies That Media Consolidation Helps Destroy Community Standards of Decency

10.31: PTC Denounces “Manhunt 2” Rating Reduction

10.29: PTC Rates the Most Popular Broadcast TV Shows Watched by Kids

10.29: Parents Television Council Launches Silicon Valley Chapter

10.25: PTC Utah Chapter Members Call on FCC to Review KUTV’s Broadcast License for Violating Community Standards of Decency

10.23: PTC Calls CBS’ “Jekyll and Hyde” Responses to Indecent TV Content Disgraceful

10.22: Parents Television Council Launches Omaha Chapter

10.19: PTC Asks News Corp. Not to Air Graphic Content During Early Primetime Hours

10.03: Parents Television Council Launches Dubuque Chapter

10.02: PTC Commends Chicago Area Suzuki Dealer for Pulling Ad Dollars From FX’s Rescue Me

09.28: PTC Calls on Airlines to Set More Responsible Standards for In-Flight Entertainment

09.25: PTC Shows Consumers How Cable Should Be

09.24: PTC Encourages FedEx to Continue Supporting Family-Friendly TV Programs

09.21: PTC Hails Antitrust Lawsuit Against Cable Network Bundling

09.18: PTC Applauds U.S. House Efforts to Curb Indecent Content on TV

09.11: PTC Applauds Gov. Schwarzenegger for Appealing Violent Video Game Ruling

09.05: PTC Study: Broadcast TV Family Hour Fare Filthier Than Ever

08.17: PTC Denounces Comedy Central for Making Obscenity-Filled Celebrity Roast Available Uncensored on Website

08.16: PTC Presents the J.M. Smucker Company with the “Integrity in Entertainment Award”

08.08: PTC Reveals Best and Worst TV Advertisers

08.07: PTC Condemns News Corp. for Reckless Programming Decision

07.30: PTC Lauds XM/Sirius for Promising Real Choices for Families

07.27: Parents Television Council Appointed to FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee

07.23: Parents Television Council Launches Pittsburgh Chapter

07.19: PTC Praises Senate Commerce Committee for Protecting Children From Indecent TV

07.19: PTC Presents The Disney Channel With Entertainment Seals of Approval

07.17: PTC to Senate: No F-Words in Front of Children on Broadcast TV

07.12: PTC Condemns Attempts to Block Broadcast Decency Amendment

07.09: PTC to CBS: Fess Up, Quit Stalling on Consent Decree Obligations

06.28: PTC Applauds FCC Decision to Hold CBS Accountable for Consent Decree Violation

06.26: PTC Chastises Circuit City for Frequently Underwriting Inappropriate TV Content

06.26: PTC Denounces Ultra-Violent TV Content and Calls on Industry to Shape Up

06.19: Parents Television Council Launches Virginia Beach Chapter

06.14: Families Applaud Cable Choice Proposal

06.14: PTC to eBay: Stop Underwriting Vulgar TV Content

06.11: PTC Asks Yahoo! to Change TV Sponsorship Practices

06.11: PTC Thanks Staples for Responsible TV Sponsorship Practices

06.08: PTC Awards New Hallmark Channel Movie with Seal of Approval

06.07: PTC Echoes FCC Chairman’s Call for Parental Choice

06.07: Procter & Gamble First Recipient of "Crown Award" for Responsible Advertising Presented By Hallmark Channel and Parents Television Council

06.05: PTC Asks General Motors to Drive Ads Away From Graphically Violent and Sexual TV Programs

06.04: PTC: Court OK’s F-Word In Front of Kids

05.31: PBS KIDS Series Caillou Wins Parents Television Council’s Seal of Approval

05.31: PTC: CBS Assaults Families With Grotesque Violence on NCIS

05.24: PTC Thanks McDonald’s For Responsible TV Ad Practices

05.24: Parents Television Council Awards Seal of Approval to Coral Reef Adventure DVD

05.18: PTC Tells Federated to Stop Sponsoring Graphic TV Shows

05.17: PTC Once Again Reprimands YUM! Brands for Un-Family-Friendly TV Ad Sponsorships

05.17: PTC: RadioShack’s Ad Dollars Should No Longer Support Graphic Television Violence

05.15: PTC Calls on Advertisers to Exercise Responsibility over TV Sponsorship Decisions During “Upfronts”

05.15: PTC Asks JP Morgan Chase to Stop Supporting Sexually Graphic and Violent TV Shows

05.15: PTC to Allstate: Children Are Not in Good Hands with Company’s Irresponsible TV Sponsorships

05.15: PTC to Sepracor: Stop Underwriting Sleaze

05.04: PTC Applauds Sears for Supporting Family-Friendly TV Programs

04.27: Abbott Labs Censors Shareholder Speech

04.27: PTC Commends AT&T & Cingular for Supporting Family-Friendly Television

04.27: PTC Mourns Loss of Jack Valenti

04.26: PTC Applauds FCC’s Report on Violent Television

04.26: PTC Praises Wendy’s for Responsible Television Advertising

04.25: GE Censors PTC at Annual Shareholder Meeting

04.23: Prominent Pro-Family Organizations and Individuals Join Growing Chorus for Cable Choice

04.19: PTC Urges Black & Decker to Nail Down a Family-Friendly TV Ad Policy

04.18: Parents Television Council Launches Third Utah Chapter

04.16: New PTC Report Gives TV Networks an "F" for Failing to Accurately Rate Their Programs

04.16: PTC President Tells NAB to Support Cable Choice for Consumers

04.11: PTC Says Racist and Anti-Semitic Cable Fare Underscores Need for Cable Choice

04.11: Parents Television Council Announces New Salt Lake City Chapter Director

04.10: PTC Requests Morgan Stanley Practice Responsible TV Advertising

03.28: PTC Awards Greece: Secrets of the Past with Seal of Approval

03.28: Parents Television Council Launches Cache Valley Chapter

03.21: Parents Television Council Launches Connecticut Chapter

03.15: PTC Declares the Industry's V-Chip Education Campaign a Failure

03.15: PTC Questions Hewlett-Packard on Advertising Practices and Urges Corporate Responsibility

03.14: PTC Calls on Wrigley to Evaluate Recent Advertising Practices

03.09: Comedy Central Shows God in One-Night Stand

03.08: PTC Awards Disney for Family-Friendly Advertising Practices

02.22: PTC Awards Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to "Amazing Grace"

02.21: PTC and CCFC to Denver RTD: Stop Advertising M-Rated Video Games

02.21: PTC Calls on Indiana State Senate to Pass Violent Video Games Bill

02.20: PTC Praises Sen. Sam Brownback for Reintroducing Video Game Rating Bill

02.14: PTC Calls for More Network Responsibility Over Violent Content

02.07: PTC Criticizes NBC for Trend of Airing Obscene Material on Cable and Internet

02.02: PTC Slams CBS for Graphic Sexual Dialogue on "Two and a Half Men"

01.18: PTC Calls Fox Apology "Dubious"

01.16: PTC: Fox Deliberately Displays the "F-Word" During Prime Time Football Game

01.10: PTC Finds Dramatic Increase of Violence on TV

01.09: PTC Honors Hallmark Channel with the Inaugural "PTC Integrity in Entertainment Award"

01.04: Cable Prices Have Nearly Doubled

01.04: Parents Television Council Announces North Jersey Chapter



12.18: PTC Awards Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to "Charlotte's Web"

12.21: PTC Criticizes NBC for Posting Uncensored "Saturday Night Live" Skit on the Internet

12.18: PTC Files Amicus Brief in Support of FCC Ruling

12.14: PTC Study Finds Religious Content on TV Shown Less Frequently and More Negatively

12.06: PTC Calls on Commissioner McDowell to Recognize the Reality of Cable TV

12.05: PTC Applauds NBC for Putting God Back Into ‘Veggie Tales'

11.28: PTC Calls City of Chicago's Boycott of "The Nativity Story" a Form of Anti-Religious Bigotry

11.14: PTC Calls on Microsoft to Evaluate Advertising Practices

11.14: Legendary DJ Joins Local PTC Advisory Board

11.08: PTC Calls on FCC to Rescind Rulings

10.31: The Cleanest TV Shows for Children are Reality Shows?

10.26: Free Movie Screening and Community Event in Dearborn

10.25: PTC Reveals Industry Scheme to Force Raunchy Programming upon Millions of Families

10.23: PTC Applauds NBC's Decision Not to Air Anti-Religious Themes

10.20: PTC Calls on NewsCorp to Stop Defending Sexually Graphic and Violent Programming

10.17: Parents Television Council Awards Coca-Cola® Advertiser Seal of Approval

10.16: Parents Television Council Awards Darden Restaurants Advertiser Seal of Approval

10.12: PTC Condemns Prime Time Obscenities

10.12: Parents Television Council Announces New Carbondale-Paducah Director

10.11: PTC Awards Entertainment Seal of Approval™ to TiVo KidZone

10.04: PTC Links Indecent Programming to Media Consolidation

10.03: PTC Commends Mitsubishi Motors for Ending Sponsorship of Nip/Tuck

09.25: PTC Applauds General Mills for Family-Friendly Advertising Practices

09.25: PTC Calls on FedEx to Evaluate Advertising Practices

09.22: PTC Petitions FCC to Uphold Rulings on Expletives

09.21: PTC: NBC's Damage Control Over Removal of God From Veggie Tales Falling Apart

09.20: PTC Calls on NBC to Explain Decision to Air Bigoted Anti-Christian Madonna Concert

09.14: Parents Television Council Launches Columbia Chapter

09.01: PTC President Bozell Announces Decision to Step Down and Welcomes Tim Winter as New President

08.31: PTC Files Indecency Complaint Over Obscene Language During Emmys

08.29: PTC Utah Chapter Files License Renewal Petition Against Salt Lake City CBS Affiliate

08.22: PTC Ranks Top Ten Best/Worst Advertisers

08.16: PTC Praises Four Companies for Pulling Ads from Rescue Me

08.03: PTC Condemns DaimlerChrysler's Willing Sponsorship of Sexual Violence on Rescue Me

07.31: PTC: CBS is Two-Faced

07.27: PTC: Cable Choice Will Give Parents True Control Over TV Content

07.24: PTC Denounces Toyota for its Continued and Willing Sponsorship of Graphic Content on FX's Rescue Me

06.29: PTC Outraged Over Graphic Rape Scene on FX's Rescue Me

06.27: PTC Calls on Circuit City to Evaluate Advertising Policy

06.23: PTC Calls ESRB Announcement a "Dodge"

06.21: Best Buy Censors Shareholder Speech

06.20: Parents Television Council Launches Colorado Springs Chapter

06.07: PTC Declares Victory Over Passage of Indecency Legislation

06.07: PTC Praises Sen. McCain's Cable Choice Bill

05.26: Miami PTC Chapter Launches Local Advisory Board

05.19: PTC Praises Senate for Passing Indecency Bill

05.15: PTC Renews Call on Oklahoma House Leaders to Pass Violent Video Game Legislation

05.09: PTC Blasts Staples and McDonald's for Deliberately Supporting and Defending Raunchy Content on Television

05.03: PTC to the Senate: A Vote Against Indecency Legislation is a Vote Against Families

05.01: PTC Denounces Sen. Stevens for Delaying Passage of Indecency Legislation

04.25: PTC to Networks: New $300 Million Ad Campaign is Useless

04.25: PTC Seal of Approval Awarded to Power Cop: Home Power Regulation Device

04.20: PTC Calls for Oklahoma Senate to Pass Sen. Coffee's Violent Video Games Bill

04.14: PTC Denounces "Shameless" Actions of Broadcast Networks

04.13: PTC President Bozell Blasts MTV for Blasphemy

03.27: Parents Television Council Announces Ventura Grassroots Chapter

03.22: Parents Television Council Launches Chicago Grassroots Chapter

03.15: PTC Lauds FCC's Indecency Rulings

03.02: New PTC Study Finds More Violence on Children's TV than on Adult-Oriented TV

03.02: PTC Lauds TiVo® for New Parental Control Device

03.01: Parents Television Council Launches Minnesota Chapter

02.28: PTC™ Seal of Approval™ Presented to "Paper Clips" DVD

02.09: PTC: FCC's Report Crushes Cable Industry's "Great Wall" of Excuses

02.03: PTC Commends ABC for Super Bowl Tape Delay

01.27: Parents Television Council Announces New Director for Jacksonville Chapter

01.25: PTC Calls on Missouri Legislature to Pass Violent Video Games Bill

01.23: PTC Calls on Fox to Stop Targeting Teens with Family Guy Raunch

01.19: PTC President Bozell Testifies at Senate Indecency Hearing

01.06: PTC Calls on Indiana Legislature to Pass Sen. Simpson's Violent Video Games Bill

01.06: Parents Television Council Launches Nashville Chapter





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