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Press Releases

Find out what the Parents Television Council is doing to help you and your family fight to restore family-friendly Television.


12/18 PTC Commends Entertainment Industry for its Response to the Newtown Tragedy

12/13 PTC Writes the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board Regarding the Misrating of The Walking Dead

12/10 Following announcement of “Esquire Network,” PTC Calls for Cable Choice

12/05 Former Model Called Out Victoria’s Secret for Targeting Young Girls with Fashion Show

11/19 PTC Releases Annual Ranking of Best and Worst TV Sponsors

11/08  PTC Applauds Brinker for No Longer Sponsoring Offensive Television Content

10/11 PTC Launches New Campaign "For Every Girl"

10/03 PTC Asks Members to File Formal FCC Complaints Against “American Dad”

09/19 PTC Study Finds TV Ratings System Inadequate

08/20 PTC Finds Shocking Spike in Full Nudity on Broadcast TV

07/10 PTC Calls for Cable Choice in Light of DirectTV/Viacom Dispute

07/03 Parents TV Council Celebrates the Life of TV Icon Andy Griffith

06/29 PTC Disappointed by SCOTUS Refusal to Hear Janet Jackson Indecency Case

06/21 PTC Applauds Supreme Court for Siding with Decency Law

06/11 PTC Jeers Half-Hearted Expansion of TV Ratings Policy

06/05 PTC Praises Disney for Enacting Junk Food Advertising Ban

05/23 INSP Network Earns PTC Seal of ApprovalTM

05/07 Letter to Sponsors Regarding America's Got Talent

05/07 PTC Congratulates New FCC Appointees

05/04 Statement from PTC President Tim Winter on Vogue pledge to no longer feature underage models

04/18 PTC Praises FCC for Seeking Supreme Court Review of Janet Jackson Decision

04/06 PTC Calls Out MPAA for ‘Bully’ Special Treatment

03/27 PTC Calls On AMC to Adhere to Ratings Policy

03/09 PTC Applauds MPAA for Accurate Rating of “Bully”

02/23 PTC Calls on Apple to Commit to Family-Friendly TV Programming/No-Porn-App Policy

02/13 Fifth Annual 'Crown Award' Presented to Coca-Cola for Responsible Advertising

02/13 PTC Cautions Parents, Sponsors and Content Ratings Board over MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back”

02/:06 Statement from Parents Television Council President Tim Winter regarding the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show

01/09  PTC Urges Supreme Court to Halt TV Networks’ Attempt to Obliterate Indecency Law



12:15 Statement from Tim Winter on Howard Stern Joining America's Got Talent

12:07 PTC Study Exposes Reality on MTV

12:02 PTC Celebrates Removal of 'Allen Gregory'

11:23 PTC Releases Best and Worst TV Advertisers List to Guide Holiday Shoppers

11:16 Statement from Parents Television Council President Tim Winter on the 1,471,912 pending indecency complaints before the FCC

11:15 PTC Calls Out Microsoft for Underwriting Explicit TV Programs

11:14 PTC to NBC: Heed Grant Tinker, Don’t Alienate Families with Stern as “America’s Got Talent” Judge

11:08 Statement Regarding Teen Sex on Glee by PTC President Tim Winter

11:04 PTC: Networks Want Benefits But Not Responsibility of Using Broadcast Airwaves

11:02 Parents and Families Outraged: Court Rules Janet Jackson Super Bowl Striptease Not Indecent

11:01 PTC Praises Ninth Circuit Court for Withdrawing Ruling Against Cable Subscribers

11:01 PTC Praises New FCC Nominees, Recognizes Commissioner Copps

10:11 PTC Applauds Procter & Gamble for Commitment to Family-Friendly TV Programming

10:07 PTC Mourns Passing of Chairman Leon J. Weil

10:04 PTC Pleased NBC Will No Longer Promote Playboy during Prime Time

09:27 PTC Calls for Immediate Cancellation of NBC’s “Playboy Club”

09:23 PTC Files Indecency Complaint Against Fox Broadcast Network for “X Factor” Nudity

09:20 PTC Calls Out Chrysler/Dodge and Unilever for Sponsoring “The Playboy Club” on NBC

09:19 PTC Thanks Nike for Responsible TV Advertising Choices, Urges Caution with Select Titles

09:16 PTC Blasts NBC for Hypocrisy over Playboy Mag Cross-Promotion

09:15 PTC Files Supreme Court Brief in Support of Broadcast Decency

08:16 New PTC Study: Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter

07:25 Letter to NBC Affiliates from PTC President Tim Winter About Plans to Air "The Playboy Club"

07:19 PTC Files Amicus Brief in Ninth Circuit Case Seeking to Unbundle Cable Programming

06:27 PTC Denounces Supreme Court Ruling on CA Video Game Law

06:27 PTC Praises Supreme Court Decision to Take Up Broadcast Decency

06:21  Parents TV Council Calls on FCC to Reform V-Chip Agreement

06:10 MTV’s ‘Skins’ Canceled: PTC Marks End of ‘Most Dangerous’ TV Show for Kids

06:03 Watchdog Groups: BET Justification for Rihanna’s “Man Down” Is Inadequate

06:01 Parents Television Council Joins with Industry Ears, Enough Is Enough to Condemn Rihanna’s “Man Down” Video

05:26 PTC Files Supreme Court Brief in Defense of Broadcast Decency

05:24 Explicit Billboard Music Awards Performance Prompts PTC Protest

05:11 PTC Singles Out Burger King, Taco Bell following Sickening Episode of MTV’s ‘RJ Berger’

05:06 PTC Asks MTV’s New Leadership for More Corporate Responsibility, Less Hypocrisy

04:21 PTC Praises Obama Administration for Urging the Supreme Court to Affirm Broadcast Decency

04:20 New Video Game Rating System is a Distinction Without a Difference

04:07 New Poll Shows Americans Support the Broadcast Decency Law

04:01 PTC Slams Comcast/NBC Universal for ‘Playboy Club’ Nudity Clause

03:09 PTC Calls Out ABC for Alienating Women and Christians with Program Titled “Good Christian Bitches”

02:16  PTC Takes Clearasil to Task for Continuing to Sponsor Graphic Content on MTV’s Skins

02:02  PTC Members Contacting State Attorneys General, Urging Investigation of “Skins”

02:01  Kraft Foods Awarded Crown Award for Responsible TV Advertising

01:25  PTC Commends Advertisers Absent from Second "Skins" Episode

01:23  PTC Tips Its Hat to H&R Block for Bowing Out of “Skins”

01:22  PTC Thanks Wrigley for Suspending “Skins” Ads

01:21  PTC Applauds Taco Bell for Pulling Ads from MTV’s Racy “Skins”

01:20  PTC Calls on Feds to Investigate “Skins” on MTV for Child Pornography and Exploitation

01:04  PTC Calls Out Second Circuit Court for “Covert Jurisprudence”

01:04  PTC Condemns Second Circuit Decision to Throw Out “NYPD Blue” Indecency Fine


12:15  PTC Study: Sexualized Teen Girls Are Tinseltown's New Target  

12:09  PTC Calls Out MPAA for Lowering “Blue Valentine” Rating  

11:23  PTC Ranks the Best and Worst TV Sponsors of 2010 

11:19  Parents Television Council Launches Central Valley Chapter in California

11:17  PTC Report Shows Online Video Providers Are Failing to Protect Kids

11:09  A Habitat for Profanity: PTC Offers a Five-Year Comparison of Foul Language on TV

10:26  PTC Secret Shopper Campaign Reveals Retailers Are Still Selling Mature-Rated Video Games to Minors

10:20  PTC: Sexualized GQ Photo Shoot of “Glee” Cast Crosses the Line

10:12  PTC Applauds Procter & Gamble for Responsible Advertising

10:12  PTC Partners with Lilly and Pfizer to Alert Parents about ED Ads

09:21  PTC Activists Contacting CBS Affiliates, Local Advertisers Over “$#*! My Dad Says”

09:20  GMC Awarded Seal of Approval™ by Parents Television Council  

08:26  PTC Applauds FCC Appeal of Fox Indecency Ruling  

08:24  PTC Pushes FCC to Get Tough on Indecency

08:23  PTC Urges Second Circuit to Uphold FCC Fine for Indecent “NYPD Blue” Episode  

08:18  Parents Television Council Announces Rock Island Chapter

08:16  Statement by Parents Television Council President Tim Winter on Comedy Central’s “Roast of David Hasselhoff”

08:10  PTC Responds to the Passing of Senator Ted Stevens

08:02  PTC Puts Potential Advertisers of “$#*! My Dad Says” on Notice

07:13  PTC Attacks Court Ruling Allowing Unedited Profanity to Air at Any Time of Day

07:07  PTC Slams Fox for Skirting Broadcast Decency Law, Ignoring FCC Authority

06:28  PTC Applauds Oklahoma State Legislature’s Call for Action on Indecency Complaint Backlog

06:24  PTC Praises Best Buy for Enforcing Video Game Age Restrictions

06:22  PTC to FCC: Comcast Focus on Adult Entertainment a Major Concern in Proposed NBC Merger

06:18  PTC Commends ABC for Bleeping Expletives During NBA Finals

06:07  PTC Says Teen-Targeted MTV Movie Awards and “Hard Times” Prove Need for Cable Choice

06:04  PTC Calls Out Fox for Ignoring FCC Indecency Probe over Graphic ‘American Dad’ Episode

06:03  PTC Joins Citizens Against Religious Bigotry in Calling on Comedy Central to Can Offensive “JC”

05:20  PTC Calls on Yum! Brands to Reconsider Sponsorship of Graphic TV Shows

05:20  PTC Denounces CBS for New Show, “$#*! My Dad Says”

05:04  PTC Calls on FCC to Find Fox’s 150th “Family Guy” Episode Indecent

04:26  PTC Urges Supreme Court to Empower Parents and Protect Children by Upholding California Violent Video Game Law

03:31  PTC Pressures Yum! Brands to Stop Support of Fox’s “Family Guy”

03:29  Parents Television Council Establishes First Washington Chapter

03:29   Parents Television Council Announces Louisville Chapter

03:09  PTC Calls on Rhode Island Legislature to Pass Bill to Prevent Adult Video Games from Being Sold to Minors

02:24  PTC Applauds Apple for Removing Explicit iPhone Apps

02:10  PTC Tells Fox to Clarify Rumor of Howard Stern for “American Idol” Slot

02:04  PTC Announces McKay Hatch as National Youth Spokesperson

02:04  Parents Television Council Announces Memphis Chapter

02:02  PTC Says Families Lose if Clear Channel’s Rumored Bid for Howard Stern Comes True

01:28  PTC Presents “PTC Integrity in Entertainment Award” to Tim Conway

01:13  PTC Says Court Must Put Public Interest First in “Fleeting Expletives” Decision

01:07  PTC Joins 20+ Organizations in Asking Congress and President Obama to Oppose Comcast-NBCU Merger

01:06  Fox’s “American Dad” Features Man Masturbating a Horse







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