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TV Trends

Brought to you by the Parents Television Council

In this new column, the Parents Television Council seeks to keep parents and other viewers informed about harmful or questionable prime-time programming.



10.07.10 New Children's Network: All Commercials, All the Time

10.01.10 TV Critics Cheer Sex on Sesame Street

09.24.10 The Fall 2010 Season

07.23.10 After Court Decision, TV Content Will Become More Extreme

07.16.10 Extreme Cable Programs NOT What Viewers Want

03.05.10 Nip/Tuck: Goodbye – and Good Riddance!



11.20.09 The 2009 Fall Season: ABC

10.23.09 The 2009 Fall Season: NBC

10.16.09 The 2009 Fall Season: CBS

10.09.09 The Fall 2009 Season: Fox

10.02.09 The Fall 2009 Season: CW Obsessed with Sex and Violence

09.04.09 Nickelodeon’s New “Family” Program: Glenn Martin, DDS

08.07.09 Teen Choice Awards: Choices Not for Teens

07.31.09 Family Guy: TV's "Best Comedy"?

06.26.09 ABC Family’s Secret (Sex) Life

06.19.09 Network Executives In Denial About Demand for Decency

05.15.09 Networks Change Their Tune on TV’s Influence

03.20.09 PTC to News Media: “Why Are You Not?”

03.06.09 NBC: Saturday Night Live Perfect for Kids

02.20.09 On TV, Teachers Molesting Students Is No Big Deal

01.23.09 TLC = TabLoid Channel?

01.09.09 Reality Goes Raunchy



12.19.08 Skins: realistic…or tragic?

12.12.08 Broadcast’s Opportunity for Clean TV

11.21.08 Prime-Time TV: Suitable for 14-year-olds?

11.07.08 CBS Breaks Its Decency Pledge: Part 2 of 2

10.31.08 CBS Breaks Its Decency Pledge: Part 1 of 2

10.24.08 Fox, Foul Language and the First Amendment

10.17.08 The Fall 2008 Season: More Strange Sex

10.10.08 The Fall 2008 Season: Teens Having Sex

10.03.08 Broadcast Networks: More Gore in Store For Viewers

09.19.08: Britain pushes Gossip Girl envelope with Skins

09.12.08: Cable Continues Its Downward Crawl

09.05.08: The Fall Season Debacle Begins

08.22.08: Comedy Central Roasts Should Burn

08.15.08: Two and a Half Men: Half-Hearted, Half-Witted and All Bad

08.01.08: Death Knell Sounds for Swingtown

07.25.08: TV’s Sexist Breast Obsession

07.17.08: Shows Safe for Kids…Or Not?

07.11.08: BET: Bad Entertainment for Teens

07.03.08: Take MyNetworkTV – Please!

06.27.08: Summer Brings Little Fun to Prime Time

06.19.08: Thursdays at 10: No Time For Children

06.13.08: Swingtown: CBS Celebrates Sex and Drugs

06.06.08: CBS’ Schedule Suicide

05.30.08: Public Tuning Out TV Critics - Part 2

05.23.08: Public Tuning Out TV Critics - Part 1

05.15.08: Fox Massacres Mother's Day

04.25.08: Prime Time Goes to Pot

04.18.08: TV Encourages Disrespect...And Violence

04.11.08: FX Wallows in Dirt

04.04.08: TV Promos: Not for Children

03.21.08: Audiences Hunger for Decent TV

03.14.08: Broadcast TV Pushes the Sex Envelope

03.07.08: CBS: selling serial killers to kids

02.29.08: Reality TV Hits Bottom

02.22.08: Dexter‘s Depth of Depravity

02.15.08: A Valentine to Television…As It Was

02.07.08: TV’s Writers on Strike, But Sex Continues

02.01.08: Fox Faces its Moment of Truth

01.25.08: NBC Joins the TV Sex Parade

01.18.08: Bloody Monday Nights: Fox’s Violent One-Two Punch

01.10.08: TV Stubs Out Smoking

01.02.08: The Ogre That Changed Christmas Specials?



12.21.07: Television writers hate religion

12.14.07: Decent Sitcom Content: An “Alien” Concept?

12.07.07: Repurposing: To Whose Purpose?

11.30.07: Gift Ideas for TV Fans: Entertainment Choices During the Writer’s Strike

11.22.07: Fox’s Family Guy: For Children?

11.16.07: NBC’s Comedy Hit: My Name Is Earl Raunchy

11.09.07: Fox’s Foul Family Hour

11.02.07: Nip/Tuck = Noxious/Television

10.29.07: A “Family” Halloween?

10.19.07: Family Hour Follies

10.12.07: The Bizarre Sex Fall Season Continues

10.08.07: The 2007 Fall Season: Adventures in Perversity


TV Trends

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