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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


Las Vegas on NBC

By Caroline Schulenburg


Once again, NBC has brought the most graphic and tasteless violence and sexual content into the living rooms of families everywhere via its drama Las Vegas. The episode titled Urban Legends aired on February 6th and followed Danny McCoy as he investigates a bizarre crime of organ theft.


In the opening scene a man is shown lying in a tub full of ice.  He has been drugged and his kidneys stolen.  Danny and Mike muse over the nature of the crime. While they are discussing urban legends and whether or not they have any basis in reality, Samantha comes into the surveillance room where they are sitting. "Oh Urban Legends!" she says "Have you guys heard about the toothbrush one?" It's classic! Family goes on vacation, their hotel room gets broken into but nothing gets stolen although they notice their camera and toothbrushes have been moved. No crime, no foul right? So they get back, get the film developed from their vacation only to discover that the people who broke into their room took their toothbrushes and shoved them up their asses and took pictures of the event!" With that Sam imitates the gesture of moving a toothbrush in and out of an orifice.


Danny suspects that the man who has had his kidneys stolen is not entirely legit when he threatens to sue the Montecito for millions of dollars for his injury. Danny begins to question people that the man has associated with while he has been in Las Vegas. Danny finds out that the man and a woman spent a lot of time and a lot of money at a strip club several days prior to the crime and decides to pay a visit.


Inside the club, the "dancers" greet Danny as though he is a regular while they are grinding up against poles. Close-ups of a woman wearing a transparent negligee through which a g-string is visible are shown. Another woman wearing a body suit that is slit down past her navel kneels on the stage in front of a man and pushes her cleavage together. A stripper dressed as a school girl pulls off her blouse and begins dancing for her audience as Danny makes his way to the bartender to ask her if she knows anything about the man who had his kidneys stolen.


The bartender tells him that the man and a woman had visited the strip club several nights prior. "You should talk to Debbi and Dana" say the bartender. "Who are they?" asks Danny. "The double-D dames. They were the ones giving the lap dances," she says. Danny makes his way to the "Champagne Room" where Debbi and Dana are getting dressed following a performance. "We get a lot of couples that come in for lap dances and the two that were here were definitely a couple!" says the stripper. "Can you remember anything about them?" asks Danny. "Besides that they bought lap dances from us all night long?" asks the stripper coyly.


Danny ends up finding out that the kidney theft was planned by the man and his girlfriend and apprehends them. But true to Las Vegas format, it takes many a stripper and fistfight to get to the truth. As Las Vegas will most likely to continue to push the envelopes of sex and violence it is a certainty it will continue to remain a regular Worst of the Week.

Worst TV Show of the Week

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