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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


American Dad on Fox

By caroline schulenburg


American Dad has once again earned the title "Worst of the Week" list for the episode titled "Helping Handies" which aired on April 30th. The episode followed Stan as he begins to feed Steve steroids when he worries that his son won't ever be accepted by the popular guys at school.


When Steve first begins taking the steroids, he approaches his father in a fit of anger during which he breaks some furniture. Stan explains that he is just going through "Roid-rage," a perfectly natural side-effect. He is horrified though, when Steve pulls open his bathrobe to reveal large breasts which have also grown because of the steroids. Stan tells him to keep his chest hidden until he can procure an "antidote" from a doctor at work.


At school Steve is tired of covering up his chest. He hides in a corner to unzip his jacket just long enough to cool off when Vince Chung, a popular guy notices his breasts. "Nice Jugs" he says as he gives Steve a long high-five so that he can stare at Steve's chest.


Rumor soon begins to spread among the popular guys at school and they begin to hang out with Steve more. Stan is pleased when he hears them invite Steve to go down to the river to hang out after school. Steve gleefully ditches his former friends to spend the afternoon in a woman's bathing suit frolicking in the water while the popular guys sit and watch.


With his newfound popularity Steve is soon throwing parties himself. At one point Stan comes home during one and goes upstairs to find his son sitting in bed while the popular guys take turns fondling his breasts.


Stan is furious at the guys who have been taking advantage of his son. To take the attention away from Steve, Stan consumes triple the amount of steroids he has been giving Steve and grows an enormous pair of breasts. Stan then goes to a party where he knows Steve will be using his chest to get attention. Clad in a skimpy top, Stan is able to distract the guys. Later he explains to Steve that he shouldn't allow himself to be used by them in order to be popular.


The show then ends with a montage of pictures of Steve and Stand wearing tight tops and tiny cutoff shorts washing a car with rock music playing the background.


American Dad is clearly one of the most unsavory offerings on television and an episode like "Helping Handies" only further demonstrates that there seems to be no limit to the amount of far-fetched depravity that Fox is willing to see crammed into a Sunday night.

Worst TV Show of the Week

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