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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Two and a Half Men on CBS

By Josh Shirlen

The season premiere of the CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men lived-up to its reputation for pushing the limits of broadcast decency with raunchy, crude, sexual humor.  Heavy sexual innuendo and a scene involving an orgy helped earn the show its place on our Worst of the Week list once again.


At the conclusion of last season it was unclear whether or not the show's plot would undergo major changes as Alan and his son move out of Charlie's bachelor pad after Alan gets married to a 22-year-old girl in Las Vegas.  The season premiere picks up the storyline four months after Alan's surprise wedding when he ends up at Charlie's door after being kicked out by his young wife.  Depressed about the reality of his second divorce he comes to his brother Charlie (played by Charlie Sheen) once again for help.  He finds that Charlie hasn't missed him very much over the recent months and has progressed in his playboy status, throwing endless parties for perfect strangers.  Making his way through the crowd, Alan locates Charlie in bed with three girls.  Charlie explains that he doesn't have a lot of time to talk with Alan because one girl has homework to do, another has to meet her fiancÚ, and the third is a prostitute on the clock.  The four retreat under the covers to commence the orgy. 


The next day the housekeeper Berta sifts through piles of beer and liquor bottles and finds several items of women's lingerie.  She finds one pair of panties on a half used stick of butter and another pair wrapped around a loose banana and jokes that it is probably not safe use these items anymore.  Another instance of sexual innuendo occurs when Alan is about to play the slot machine in Las Vegas.  Charlie gives him a suggestive look after he yells "Here honey, kiss it before I put it in!"


The manner in which Two and a Half Men pokes fun at casual sexual promiscuity is extremely irresponsible and inappropriate for primetime television.  Although drunken orgies may be the normal lifestyle in Charlie Sheen's Malibu community, it is not the norm in the homes of America's families.   For its "sexual" assault on primetime family viewers, Two and a Half Men is our pick for Worst of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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