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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


Two and a Half Men on CBS

By Josh Shirlen

 This week's episode of Two and a Half Men was quite frankly revolting.  The writers achieved a new low as the show pushed the very limits of decency.  With crude and vulgar innuendo plainly addressing promiscuous sex, sex addiction, sex toys, oral sex, male anal stimulation, and female pubic hair, this episode is the clear pick for Worst of the Week.


The show opens with Lydia, Charlie's girlfriend, waking him up badly hung over.  She is angry because after she performed oral sex on him the previous night, he fell asleep while "reciprocating."  Charlie then realizes why he dreamt about kissing Abraham Lincoln.  Charlie follows her to the bathroom where, in the shower, she asks him to finish what he started the night before.  Charlie looks at her genital region and begins to recite the Gettysburg address.  Good luck to a parent who has to explain that joke to a curious child at 9 o'clock.


Alan, Charlie's brother, must convince his ex-wife that they must sell their condo because Alan can't afford it on his own.  Each time he tries she seduces him into sex and distracts him from his responsibility.  The first time she simply asks him to shower with her and have sex, the second time she crawls around on the floor seductively for and extended period of time, and the third time she tells him she's only wearing high heels and cool whip. 


Other crude content in the episode included a running joke between Charlie and Lydia about how well she can please him with her finger.  They constantly motion to each other by making a swirling motion with their fingers.  It is implied that she gives him anal stimulation with the finger.  The two also reference the household objects they used as sex toys Charlie was nice enough to warn Alan not to lick his hairbrush.


Language such as "jackass," "son of a bitch," and "skank," were also featured in this episode, further making it unsuitable for family viewing.


CBS and the writers of Two and a Half Men have really gone too far with this episode.  The content in the episode is suited for late night cable television at best.  Due to its utter disregard for family viewers through highly sexual and crude innuendo, Two and a Half Men is our pick for Worst of the Week

Worst TV Show of the Week

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