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Best TV Show of the Week

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Scripps National Spelling Bee on ABC

By Joe Bozell


On May 31st ABC hosted the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C.  Every year the nation’s brightest elementary school students gather to compete in the ultimate spelling bee challenge. Though at the beginning there were 286 spellers, after three days of standardized tests, quizzes, and competitions only 15 remained to compete in the final televised round. The 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee was a fun and exciting competition the whole family could enjoy, which is why it earned our pick for Best of the Week.


This year’s Spelling Bee was hosted by ABC News’ Robin Roberts, and veteran ESPN commentators Mike Greenly, Mike Golic, and Stuart Scott helped give the Bee an intense sports atmosphere.  The beginning of the Bee saw the first three spellers defeated by such words as “girolle” and “zacate.”  As each student stood at the microphone their nervous parents looked on from the side of the stage.  Throughout the Bee, ABC provided a background look at the lives of the children, many of whom come from loving families who supported the spellers’ dreams.  


When the Championship Round began only three spellers remained.  Fourteen-year-old Isabel Jacobson was the first to slip up as she misspelled “cyanophycean.”  That left Canadian Nate Gartke and the home-schooled Evan O’Dorney battling back and forth until Nate finally misspelled “coryza.”  Evan took the crown as he correctly spelled “serrefine.”  After Evan was presented with the championship trophy, Stuart Scott told the audience that Evan had said before the competition that he didn’t really like the Spelling Bee.  Asked if he now liked the Bee, Evan shrugged his shoulders saying, “Yeah, maybe a little.” 


For being entertaining, educational and a tremendous example of family entertainment, the Scripps National Spelling Bee definitely earns the title Best of the Week.

Best TV Show of the Week

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