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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Aliens in America on CW


This week’s episode of Aliens in America entitled “Church” was a satirical look at the relationship between the American family and the modern Christian Church.  Morality, faith, prayer, and reverence for God were the main topics addressed, but by the end of the episode only one thing was established, that the writers don’t possess any of these virtues.  One young character uses prayer to sabotage those he doesn’t like and to hope for sex with a female classmate, while his sister agrees to join a church group in exchange for birth control as her Christmas gift.


The show, which aired at 8:30 pm on December 10th, was not only offensive to members of the Christian faith, but also dangerous in its discombobulated message about morality.  Characters would commonly do something positive but the punch line would consistently be a negative behavior.  For instance, Justin realizes that prayer is effective and begins praying about everything which is good and builds trust in his character, but we soon find out that his prayers are in ill will towards his teacher.  Later his friends are led to believe in the effectiveness of prayer, but they just encourage Justin to pray for sex with a classmate.


Perhaps the most troubling plot in the show revolves around teenager Claire who asks for birth control for Christmas.  Her mother is apprehensive at first but agrees to purchase the birth control if Claire agrees to attend a chastity club at Church.  Claire half-heartedly attends the group where she meets a boy and makes out with him in the closet.  In the end, Claire’s mother keeps her promise and Claire opens a gift of birth control under the tree.


The writers of this show would likely make the argument that this episode was mere harmless satire; however to the program’s young viewers the episode was little more than an endorsement of teen sex.  Therefore, this irresponsible and offensive episode is our pick for Worst of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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