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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Paradise Hotel 2 on MyNetworkTV


Monday, February 4th at 9:00 p.m. ET, MyNetworkTV took us one step closer to cultural collapse.  The premiere of Paradise Hotel 2 promoted hedonism as the ultimate lifestyle.  Heavy sexual content including partial nudity, lap dancing, and graphic dialogue filled every moment of the hour-long episode, making it the clear choice for the Worst of the Week.  Additionally, the show flaunts a shallow view of mankind, judging an individual’s worth by their “hotness,” with no consideration given to character.  Absorbing an hour of Paradise Hotel 2 truly rots the soul.


In this premiere episode the first 11 contestants arrived in “Paradise” to start the game, which rewards the contestants who are the most physically desirable and mentally deceptive.  Once everyone arrived, the cast had a short period of time to find a partner of the opposite sex to be their “roommate.”  The (not so) funny thing about these “roommates” was that they didn’t sleep in bunks or separate beds, but rather the same queen-size bed.  These sex-charged twenty-somethings are paired with strangers and put in the same bed together.  Is there no modesty anymore? Has the concept of the “marriage bed” been completely eliminated? 


On the first night, the odd girl out had to sleep alone. She was shown tossing and turning in her underwear and heard saying, “I just want sex, I just want to have sex!”  Other scenes showed the cast stripping down to their underwear and drinking heavily together.  Strong suggestive dancing (that clearly imitated rear-entry sex) was seen, as well as girl-on-girl intimate contact.  The episode went far beyond the bounds of decency when the contestants began performing lap dances in their underwear for one another.


One particularly disturbing scene featured a female contestant confiding in her female co-contestants that she is still a virgin.  The girl next to her grimaces and can be heard saying “eww,” as if being a virgin is now the equivalent of having a sexually transmitted disease.


Paradise Hotel 2 is not merely inappropriate for prime-time television; it is flat-out inappropriate, period.  To condone this type of programming is to encourage heartless, hedonistic and even dangerous behavior among teens – a horrible use of the publicly-owned airwaves, and yet another sign that MyNetwork TV (like Fox and the cable FX network, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp) actively promotes the lowest common denominator.   As a result, we unreservedly award Paradise Hotel 2 the Worst of the Week.  

Worst TV Show of the Week

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