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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


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The Cleveland Show on Fox


The Cleveland Show (Sundays, 8:30 p.m. ET) continues to pollute the airwaves on Sunday evenings with Seth MacFarlane’s signature brand of animated filth.  The sexually charged dialogue, graphic violence and nude slapstick that appeared in the October 11th episode rightfully earned it the title of Worst TV Show of the Week.


Concerned over Cleveland Junior’s inability to make friends, Cleveland sets out find him a buddy. 


Inexplicably, Cleveland thinks a lonely guy hanging out by the side of the road would make a good candidate.  He approaches the man and says, “Hey, sport.  I've got a proposition for ya.  My name's Cleveland. How'd you like to play with Cleveland Jr.?  ... Oh, you'll love him.  He's a little chubby but he's always up for a good time.  A lot of other kids have jerked him around, but I can tell you're the kind of guy that would treat him right.  Don't get me wrong.  He's a handful, but a nice handful.  Look, I'll be honest with you: I'm tired of playing with him.  You wanna see him?  Come over by the car and I'll let you have a look.  C'mon, what do you say? I'll give you 30 bucks right now if you play with him in the car.”  The man utters a codeword, causing a police surveillance team to surround Cleveland with their guns drawn. Later, Cleveland muses, “You know, once I read over the transcript, I could see how my words might have been misconstrued.”


Eventually, Cleveland convinces Ernie - the son of Lester, a stereotyped redneck who lives next door – to hang out with Cleveland.  Ernie, however, quickly wears out his welcome when he moves into the Brown residence.  In one particularly ridiculous scene, Donna is in the shower.  With soap is in her eyes, she blindly reaches for her loofa, but grabs Ernie's pet possum instead.  Meanwhile, Cleveland disrobes to join Donna in the shower.  Donna wrestles with the possum and tosses it out of the shower at the exact same time that Cleveland removes the towel from around his waist.  The possum lands in Cleveland crotch, covering his genitals.  Cleveland screams and punches at the possum in his crotch, whacks it with the towel rack, sprays it with hairspray, and lights it on fire.  Cleveland runs around the bathroom with a lit possum on his crotch.  He stops at the dresser and thrusts his hips against it to try to extinguish the flame. 


Fed up, Cleveland calls Child Protective Services at Donna’s behest.  Ernie is subsequently given away to foster care, forcing Lester to get him back.  But rather than follow the guidelines of better parenting, Lester organizes a gun-toting posse to rescue Ernie.  In the ensuing gun-battle with the heavily armed foster parents, one of Lester’s friends shoots himself in the head.  Blood and brain fragments rain on Cleveland and the social worker who are hiding nearby.  The scene is disturbing and excessively violent.  At one point, Cleveland asks if he has brain in his hair.


In lieu of actual wit or creativity, MacFarlane’s franchises always fall back on cheap sex and gory violence as crutches to get from one scene to the next.  For this, The Cleveland Show has one again been named Worst TV Show of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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