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Best TV Show of the Week

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Best TV Show of the Week


  The Middle on ABC

By catherine Nailog


The June 15th (8:30 p.m. ET) episode of ABC’s comedy The Middle wins the honor of Best TV Show of the Week.  In this episode, titled “Super Sunday,” the Heck household had a busy Super Bowl weekend. Daughter Sue partnered with Brad at the school’s Square Dancing With the Stars competition, mom Frankie was asked to attend a management seminar with her boss Mr. Ehlert, and youngest son Brick gained a newfound love of football.

Brad proved to be a formidable dancer, but Sue literally didn’t know the difference between right and left.  With some intense dance coaching, Brad and Sue readied themselves for the competition.   Brad began to lose faith in winning due to Sue’s problem with her directions.  She and Brad decided that she would stand still at the competition as he danced around her.

Oldest son Axl dismissed Mike’s invitation to watch football on the television.  Mike then encouraged Brick to read up on football.  He told Brick that sports was “the language of men.”  Brick studied up on football and impressed his dad with his extensive knowledge.  Axl became envious of Brick and Mike’s football moments.

Frankie discovered that the management seminar with Mr. Ehlert was really his colonoscopy appointment, and he needed Frankie to drive him back.  Frankie was very disappointed that her boss would take advantage of her in such a way.  She became angry when the appointment had to be postponed until the next day due to Mr. Ehlert not fasting.  Frankie woke up to Mr. Ehlert scavenging through the refrigerator.  She became so enraged that she was missing Sue’s competition and Super Bowl with her family because of Mr. Ehlert’s selfishness and disrespect that she quit her job-- that is, after the colonoscopy appointment.  As Frankie drove Mr. Ehlert home, she was able to get her job back with a commission increase.

Mike, his friends, and Brick sat around the television to watch the Super Bowl.  Brick caused Mike’s friends to leave when he bored them with mundane football facts and statistics.  Axl confronted Mike and Brick about their common interest in football.

At the square-dancing competition, Brad went right and bumped into someone when he should’ve gone left.  Sue danced freestyle while Brad stood frozen in embarrassment.  She was elated when they both received participatory and eighth-place ribbons.  Brad was disappointed at their loss and noted there were only eight couples in the competition.  Sue explained to Brad that currently they’re building character and that when they’re older their accomplishments will be greater and much more satisfying.  She continued to tell Brad about the positive things about the competition, which made him feel better about the loss.

The Middle’s “Super Sunday” episode deserves to be recognized as the Best TV Show of the Week because of Sue’s persistent and positive attitude, Brick and Mike’s closeness, and Frankie’s stand against her boss.  Sue did not dwell on the loss but rather considered an optimistic future and all the good aspects of the competition; ribbons, names printed on the programs, and the wearing of the costumes to the Pie House.  Mike and Brick’s situation represented a means in which parents bond with their children; finding a common interest to nurture.  Frankie’s stand against her boss illustrated that one can turn a horrible situation to their advantage.  Super Bowl Sunday was not perfect  for the Hecks, but they made the most of it.          

Best TV Show of the Week

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