Congress Passes the Child Safe Viewing Act

The Child Safe Viewing Act will require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to explore new technology and review current blocking devices, such as the V-chip, that are designed to help parents monitor their kids' media consumption. more


Regions Bank Drops Skins

One of the most graphically offensive programs on cable and satellite TV is the BBC America network's teen soap opera Skins. Featuring multiple uses of the "f-word" and huge amounts of other profanity, explicit sex and frequent references to and depictions of drug use, Skins is totally inappropriate for children or teens – yet that is precisely the audience BBC America is trying to attract.

The PTC has been unceasing in its efforts to encourage advertisers to stop sponsoring the offensive and irresponsible content on Skins…and we've met with success! In October, the PTC received a letter from Regions Bank which actually thanked us for pointing out Skins' vile content! "This program does not align with Regions' core values. Regions will not be seen in Skins in the future," the letter said. The PTC applauds Regions Bank for its responsible action.

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Parents Beware of 24

With Jack Bauer of 24 returning to broadcast television in a two-hour movie this Sunday and the new season of 24 beginning in January after a long hiatus, the Parents Television Council is warning parents to pay close attention.

The use of torture on the series has been a source of controversy and concern almost from the beginning. Especially concerning is the fact that it's not just the "bad guys" using torture against the "good guys." Quite often the series' protagonists are shown using torture.

A Parents Television Council review found that 24 showed 67 scenes of torture in the first five seasons. Jack Bauer has been involved in more than 160 separate instances of violence since the show began (all six seasons) and has killed at least 71 individuals.

Parents Television Council research shows that there were 110 scenes of torture on prime time broadcast programming from 1995 to 2001. From 2002 to 2005, the number increased to 624 scenes of torture. Data from 2006 to 2007 showed that there were 212 scenes of torture.

Torture on television is of great concern to parents, especially since 24 airs during early hours of prime time.

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Breaking News on Media Violence

Study Links Real, Media Violence - Broadcasting & Cable


TiVo Offers More Options for Families

With family budgets being stretched to their limit during these difficult times, more and more families are opting to spend weekends at home, rather than going out. PTC Special Sponsor TiVo is offering a service to make it even easier for families to enjoy dinner and a movie at home. Parents can now order a Domino's pizza from their television without ever having to leave the couch.

To check out these new offerings from TiVo you can visit their website using the link below. And because TiVo is a special sponsor of the PTC, the PTC will also earn a $25 royalty for every package sold.

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Disney's Bolt Wins PTC Seal of Approval

Bolt is a dog who believes he is endowed with incredible superpowers – lightning speed, heat-ray vision and a mighty "superbark" – who defends his owner Penny against the evil genius Dr. Calico, who wants to rule the world. There's just one problem: none of it is true. In fact, Bolt is an ordinary dog starring on a TV show, and doesn't realize his mighty feats are all done with special effects. When Bolt is accidentally shipped to New York, he believes Penny is in danger and sets off across the country to save her. Along the way he is befriended by street-smart alley cat Mittens and wacky hamster Rhino, who idolizes Bolt for his TV heroics. Though he learns that his TV "powers" are not real, Bolt discovers that with true friends, anything is possible! more

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Friday, Nov 21

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In Theaters

Bolt - PG

High School Musical 3 - G
Beverly Hills Chihuahua - PG

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Tinker Bell - G
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - G

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