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PTC Insider Article
October 2004


Discussing Values and Television Indecency with PTC Supporter Mrs. M. Virginia Schoepe

By Corrie Hydeman

As a non-profit organization, the Parents Television Council is fortunate to enjoy the continued financial support of many people across the country. These generous PTC members are the backbone of our organization. Without them we would be unable to carry out our programs to put an end to inappropriate television content.

What motivates these wonderful people to support the PTC? They want to make a difference in the world today, and do everything they can to ensure that our organization has the resources to take a stand against inappropriate television programming.

On September 16th, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of these amazing people, Mrs. M. Virginia Schoepe. From the very beginning, Mrs. Schoepe has been a tremendous supporter of our cause. At her home and then later over lunch, we discussed many different PTC issues and programs. She was excited to give me her thoughts about our current programs and future goals.

When speaking with Mrs. Schoepe, one can immediately sense her passion and extreme strength of character. I asked her how her upbringing and career might have affected her decision to support the PTC, and she got a sparkle in her eye as she spoke of the way her mother raised her, and of her own career as a teacher from 1935-1948. After a year-long courtship with the late Adolf Schoepe, inventor and founder of Kwikset Lock Co. and Fluidmaster Inc., they wed in 1948 and raised two children, Cheryl and Robert. Mrs. Schoepe now also enjoys her three grandchildren.

Mrs. Schoepe knows first-hand how today's culture adversely affects children. She saw the way violence and profanity on television caused children to misbehave in class, to the point where teachers could not effectively discipline them. "Some of the stuff on TV is terrible," she says, "and terrible things come out of their mouths." She also found that children were frequently confused about moral and civil conduct after watching television, feeling like "other people are doing it, so why can't I?" We further discussed the way that television affects today's children, and she agreed emphatically that, "the biggest problem with children today is with values and that this is due to television."

Mrs. Schoepe admits to not watching much TV these days, because "it is definitely worse now than it used to be." When asked what is the most important thing for the PTC to do, she answered, "You must repeat your message as much as possible! The more you repeat your points to everyone, the more success you'll have." She went on to exclaim "Just think: if this is what half the American people can do, what might all the American people be able to accomplish?"

Mrs. Schoepe's passion for children and her dedication to decency in television programming is encouraging to us all. She speaks with experience and passion. "I think we have to fight all the way. People who have gotten successful have strong values and understand that is why they are at the top. If we don't stand up for what is right, we will never be successful."


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