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Press Release

August 1, 2002

PTC's First Annual Top Ten Best & Worst Cable Shows of the 2001/2002 TV Season

Today, the Los Angeles-based Parents Television Council (PTC), a non-partisan, non-profit, grassroots organization, released its first annual list of the Top Ten Best & Worst Cable Shows on prime-time expanded basic cable.  This analysis constitutes the PTC's first-ever ranking of the best and worst original series on expanded basic cable from a family-values perspective.  The list does not reflect the artistic quality of each series, but rather its suitability for families.

Each year, the PTC rates the best and the worst of family fare on primetime television for the seven major broadcast networks. The criteria include not only the frequency of foul language, sexual content and violence on the series, but also the time slot, target audience, themes and plotlines of the programs. In 2001, the PTC expanded its monitoring activities to include original expanded basic cable series.

expanded basic cable is a package of channels that most cable providers offer at the minimum subscription level.  These are distinct from premium cable channels, which can only be viewed if the cable subscriber pays an additional fee to access those channels.  As of 2000, expanded basic cable was reaching more than 75% of American households. 

"For those who think that raunch and vulgarity are found on only premium cable channels, this is a wake-up call," said L. Brent Bozell III, Founder and President of the PTC.  "expanded basic cable is worse than ever before.  In a tasteless attempt to boost ratings, basic cable has begun to target children with programs that clearly push the envelope.  "

Many parents welcome expanded basic cable into their homes, trusting the content of the many family-friendly options provided on networks such as the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, ABC Family and the Discovery Channel.  However, these same parents are often unaware of the inappropriate material expanded basic cable makes just as easily available to their children. 

"MTV is leading expanded basic cable's plunge into the sewer with five of the top ten worst programs," Bozell continued.  "In an affront to families everywhere, MTV and other expanded basic cable programmers are trying to attract younger audiences with violence, sex and titillating language."

Top Ten Best & Worst Cable Shows of the 2001/2002 TV Season


    The Best and  . . .                . . .  the Worst!

1) State of Grace  (ABC Family)

2) The Brothers Garcia (Nickelodeon)

3) SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon)

4) So Little Time (ABC Family)

5) Lizzie McGuire (Disney)

6) Caitlin's Way (Nickelodeon)

7) Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network)

8) Even Stevens (Disney)
9) Making the Band (MTV)

10) Nero Wolf (A&E)

1) The Shield (FX)

2) Undressed  (MTV)

3) South Park (Comedy Central)

4) The Real World (MTV)

5) WWE Raw is War (TNN)

6) The Man Show (Comedy Central)

7) Celebrity Deathmatch (MTV)

8) The Andy Dick Show (MTV)

9) Witchblade (TNT)

10) The Osbournes (MTV)




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