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Who Is Simon Miller?

By Christopher Gildemeister

Starring: Robyn Lively, Loren Dean, Skyler Day, Drew Koles, Christine Baranski

Recommended age: 5+

Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green




 Fistfights, chases, mild peril




          Lying by father, mild disobedience by children


The Millers are an average family…or so they think. Son Kevin is a computer geek, and daughter Sarah is equally adept with languages. Mom Meredith struggles to keep the family running smoothly, with Simon almost constantly gone on business. But when Simon vanishes and Kevin finds and unravels clues he left behind, the family discovers that he has been hiding a secret: Simon Miller is a spy, whose “business trips” take him all over the globe on dangerous missions. With their own lives in peril, Meredith and her children are launched on the adventure of a lifetime, chasing their their loving father and husband across Europe as they wonder, “Who Is Simon Miller?”

The latest in Walmart and Procter & Gamble’s Family Movie Night series, Who Is Simon Miller? is a delightful romp, in equal measures heart-warming and full of action. It is an ideal program for the entire family to watch together. Particularly nice is the fact that every member of the family gets a chance to shine: Kevin’s knowledge of technology and cryptography and Sarah’s skill with foreign languages are balanced by their mother’s trust in and determination to find her husband, while also protecting her children. Meredith is a strong woman, who is also not afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help. And Simon offers a good moral when he states why he disrupted his life by becoming a spy: “I wanted to make the world a better place for my family – for every family.” 

As always, parents can be comfortable watching Family Movie Night with their children, safe in the assurance that the movie contains no harmful content. There is no sex or foul language; and while there are several chase scenes and fistfights between the Millers and the pursuing bad guys, no blood is shed or serious harm inflicted. Simon has lied to his family, but only because his job requires it, and the lies about where he is going and doing do not diminish his love and concern for them. Likewise, Sarah and Kevin are occasionally disobedient, but only when it is necessary to help their mother or save the situation.The Parents Television Council is proud to award Who Is Simon Miller? with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this movie for all viewers over age five.

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