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03:30 Will The Masses Bully The MPAA Ratings System?

02:28 Why Can't Celebrities Stop Cursing?

01:30 Federal Trade Commission Unhappy With Kids' Apps


12:23 Great Family Movies in Theaters This Holiday Season

10:28 First Kids, Now Parents Need to Limit TV Use According to AAP Report

10:03 Did Your Family Media Rules Slack During This Past Summer?

09:15 Preserving Important Summer Memories

09:01 Nickelodeon's Nick News Looks At 9/11 From A Kid's Perspective

08:05 Crazy, Stupid Movie Makes Light of Sexual Interference

07:15  Ben Shapiro and Primetime Propaganda

06:10  A Great Family Movie Saturday June 11 on NBC

05:24  Facebook Founder Fighting To Banish Under-13 Online Protection Law

05:02  Social Networking Anonymously -- What Parents Should Know

04:23  Free Solutions for Parents Concerned About Social Media

04:02  The Best Way To Media Multitask: Exercise!

03:04  King's Speech Gets Cleaned Up After Oscar

02:25: Dead Space 2 Game: Bad for Moms But Good For Kids?

01:31: Have You Checked The Price On Smurfberries Lately?

01:04: Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble Join Together For Another Family Movie Night

01:03: Family Movies in 2010:  More Than You May Recall



12:22:  Just In Case You Weren't Watching -- The YouTube Top 10 of 2010

12:04:  Unplug Your Ears and Let The Music Play

11:30:  A Serious Side to Unfriending on Facebook

10:27:  Neuromarketing -- A New Way For Media To Get Inside Your Head

09:21:  Now Your Kids Can Be Real Critics

09:02:  Supreme Court's Upcoming Decision On California's Video Game Law May Permanently Prohibit Government Threats of Legislation Over Media Forever

08:05:  Getting Your Kids Into Moviemaking

07:26:  Cutting A Favorite Teen Technology A Little Slack

07:09:  Walmart and Procter & Gamble Invest in Family Movies for Television

06:30:  In Twitter We Trust?

05:24:  Is The Tide Turning Against Porn?

04:28:  3D TV Is Here, But Is It Harmful To Young Eyes?

04:26:  Research Shows Even Young Children Can Be "Branded"

03:29:  Some Internet Loopholes You May Need To Plug

03:03:  "Mobicip" Helps Make the iPhone/iTouch Safer for Families

02:25:  Apple's Vice Squad Raids the iPhone App Store

02:25:  YouTube's First Step At Filtering for Families

02:03:  Finally, Oscar Nominations Families Can Cheer For!

01:25:  Hollywood’s “Smoking” Hot December

01:20:  Parent Previews Top 10 Movies for 2009



12:29:  Facebook Privacy Rears Its Ugly Head... Again

12:18:  Independent Author Offers Unique Books for Adolescents

12:03:  Portable Porn -- Can You Avoid It?

10.01:  No Matter What, TV Is Bigger Than Ever With Kids

10.01:  Nick News Is Serious TV

10.01:  Thanks To Disney, Volunteering Will Get A Boost!

10.25:  Media and Depression: Good News and Bad

09.03:  You Can’t Help But “Marvel” Over Disney’s Latest Purchase

08.15:  When It Comes To “Teen Choice” Perhaps Kids Do Know Best

07.15:  Potter’s Half Blood Prince Is Given A Royal Gift -- A PG Rating

07.10:  Can We Trust New News Sources?

06.25: Good News: FCC Remains Tough On Content... But Will It Matter?

06.10: Father's Day Films

06.10: New Games Promise More Activity and Possible Family Appeal

04.28: “Restrictions” For Your iPhone

03.30: Help Your Teen Make Facebook Safer

03.12: Is Your Teen “Sexting?”

02.25: Social Networking and Kids: Yes? No? Maybe?

02.13: Effects of Games Goes Beyond Teen Years

01.29: MPAA Follows Interest Rates and Cuts Movie Ratings

01.13: Finally! Free Options for Parents to Filter and Monitor Computer Use -- Part 2



12.23: Finally! Free Options for Parents to Filter and Monitor Computer Use -- Part 1

12.19: A Merry Dysfunctional Christmas

11.24: Shedding Light on My Dislike for Twilight

11.14: A Sad Reminder of the Influence of Video Games

11.06: TV Sex, Teens and Pregnancy: Scientific Proof of What We Already Knew

10.24: Are Tobacco Companies Still Flying Under the MPAA's Smokescreen?

10.08: How "The Dark Knight" Opened the Ratings Gates

09.29: Dick Van Dyke Is Still Vantastix!

09.09: Reel Empowered Women

07.23: Free Tutoring Thanks to Advertising

07.22: Toying Around With The Dark Knight

07.08: Does Your Family Need Blu-ray?

07.03: MIT Brings Brains to Play

05.29: A Wii Bit of Help With Your Workout

05.20: Families Back On Video Game Radar

04.29: Putting Grand Theft Auto IV Into Perspective

04.24: Virtual Games -- Massively Multiplayer Comes to Kids

04.24: Soft Drinks Require a Hard Look

03.14: Movie Brings Violence to School

03.12: Waking Up On the Wrong Side of the Cell Phone

03.06: Marketing Drugs Via Soda Pop and Candy

02.22: Terrorism -- The New Hollywood Genre

01.30: Clearing the Content with ClearPlay

01.17: The "A" Movies from 2007

Besides writing this column for the Parents Television Council, Rod Gustafson authors Parent Previews® - a newspaper and Internet column (published in association with movies.com) that reviews movies from a parent's perspective. He's also the film critic for a major Canadian TV station, various radio stations and serves on the executive of the Alberta Association for Media Awareness. Finally, his most important role is being the father to four wonderful children and husband to his beautiful wife (and co-worker) Donna.





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