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The Worst Cable Content of the Week


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South Park on Comedy Central

Episode Summary




South Park has built its 14-year run by putting foul language and adult concepts in the mouths of fourth-graders, and this tendency shows no sign of abating. Case in point: the April 8th rerun of the March 17th season premiere of South Park (10:30 p.m. ET), the Worst Cable TV Show of the Week.  


The episode charmingly opens with Tiger Woods being attacked by his wife Elin with a golf club:


Tiger: “Put the golf club down, you crazy bitch!”


Elin: “You mother(bleeped f*****)! Why the (bleeped f***) are you getting text message from

                 lowlife hooker on Thanksgiving?”


Elin hits Tiger in the head with a club, drawing blood.


Tiger: “You (bleeped f******) whore!”


Tiger gets into his car.


Elin: “Where the (bleeped f***) do you think you're going?”


Tiger: “I'm getting the (bleeped f***) away from you!”


Elin: “Open the door you Mother(bleeped f*****)!”


It turns out that this scene is merely the South Park boys playing a video game. The rest of the episode continues in a similar vein, dragging in the sex incidents of such luminaries as David Letterman, David Carradine, Charlie Sheen, and Bill Clinton, using explicit dialogue, as in a scene in which a representative from the Centers for Disease Control survey these men:


Man: “Alright, sex addicts. What other destructive behaviors have we participated in that lead to our ultimate downfall?”


David Letterman: “Having sex with employees.”


Man: “Sex with employees, definitely a danger there.... what else? Mr. Clinton?”


Bill Clinton: “Putting cigars in girl's vaginas.”


Man: “Very good, Billy, cigars in vaginas. Not the best way there.”


Charlie Sheen: “Watching Internet porn all day every day.”


Man: “Spot on, Charlie Sheen. Excessive Internet porn.”


The young boys, Kyle and Butters, sit in the back.


Kyle: “I just found out I'm a sex addict. I'm so scared I haven't even told my Mom yet.”


Bill Clinton: “Does your mom have big t***?”


Butters: “I just can't stop thinking about bush.”


David Duchovny masturbates under the table, motion is visible.


Man: “Mr. Duchovny, please stop jerking off.”


The show mocks the use of the term “sex addiction” used by those guilty of such behavior as an excuse for their actions. Certainly, the hypocrisy of celebrities and the news media in dealing with prominent men’s sexual peccadilloes is a ripe subject for satire; but in its graphic manner, South Park may well be objectionable to many. Why should all cable subscribers – even those who might wish to never watch South Park – be forced to pay for a show to which some might object? With true Cable Choice, viewers who enjoy South Park’s explicit humor could continue to do so, while others would not be required to fund it.


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