Real World Las Vegas Summaries

04-01-03 Episode


With time in Las Vegas quickly evaporating, the roommates pack up and make plans to move home.  Arissa finds a roommate and plans to return to Nevada.  Alton and Irulan decide to have a relationship after the show concludes.


10 obscenities, 1 bleeped

Arissa's mother calls when Arissa is obviously drunk.  Frank takes the call and antagonizes Arissa, by asking her if she is drunk.  All the while Arissa's mother repeatedly says over the phone "I'll kill that bitch."

Irulan and Alton are shown in bed together, under the covers.  Irulan is lying on top of Alton, and her back is completely bare so it is apparent she is nude.

Irulan and Alton take a shower together, nude and they are shown embracing and kissing.  The scene is filmed over the shower door, and they are only shown from the shoulders up.

03-18-03 Episode


Steven decides that he really only ever wanted sex from Trishelle and she has no right to expect a relationship.  Alton and Irulan fight when he gets another girl's phone number right in front of her.


·        Steven is shown having sex with Trishelle in bed while a voice over says "Emotionally, and like, physically, I'm starved.  I like to hold women and make love."

·    Steven on his status with Trishelle: "Trishelle and I have never even been on a date.  All we do is have sex and that's really all I want from her."

·    Alton and Irulan have sex in the confessional room.  The camera is on but most of their activities are off camera.  You can see the side of his shoulder and head at one point.  Their sounds and breathing are clearly heard and it is plain that they are having sex.  Outside the room, everyone can hear them. Brynn is on the phone and tells her friend she can hear people having sex. Someone calls Alton and Irulan "hornballs." 

·    Alton and Irulan are shown in bed having sex under the covers twice.  In the second instance, it is very obvious she is naked; her bare back is exposed to the waist.

·    Steven and Frank double date with two women they repeatedly refer to as "skanks."  In the car, one of the women takes off her underwear and waves it in the air.  The other one says she never wears underwear and Frank asks her for proof.  She pulls down the waist band of her pants a little but says "Like I'm going to pull my [bleeped euphemism for female genitalia] out?"

03-11-03 Episode


Arissa breaks up with her long distance boyfriend, Dario and meets a new guy, Alex.  Brynn has panic attacks and thinks she might be a schizophrenic.


03-04-03 Episode


Alton and Irulan admit they are falling in love with each other.  Steven and Trishelle resume their sexual relationship.


21 swear words, 8 bleeped

Alton drunkenly explains his theories on sex and says that he was taught sex was special but he can also sleep with "mad girls" and not care.

Steven and Trishelle make out in the elevator.  His hands touch her rear end and her crotch as they passionately kiss.  When they get back to the room, they are shown undressing and then going to bed then under the covers.

Alton and Irulan are shown in bed together under the covers.  Sex is implied.

02-25-03 Episode 


Trishelle dates a new guy, Brian, which makes Steven jealous and causes him to re-evaluate his decision to stop sleeping with her.  The girls get new jobs as cocktail waitresses.


Trishelle is shown in bed with Brian, moving under the covers in a sexual way. Steven says: "I'm a little lonely and I'd like to have Trishelle in my bed, but she's in there with another guy."

02-18-03 Episode 


Arissa breaks up with her boyfriend Dario.  Irulan dates Alton's friend Davin to make Alton feel jealous.


13 obscenities or profanities, 8 bleeped

Alton is shown under the covers with a new girl he just met, sex is implied.

Irulan is shown with Davin under the covers.  Sex is implied.  Alton is shown pacing the halls angry that the girl he likes is having sex in the next room.

01-28-03 Episode 

Irulan is furious when she finds out that Alton told Steven he had a threesome in Australia in spite of his professions of love for her.  Alton claims the fact that Irulan has a boyfriend gives him the right to love her yet sleep with other people. 

Other offensive content from the episode include:

Alton tries to claim that he didn't have a threesome, contrary to what he'd told Steven while they were in Australia.  "I did not have a [bleeped ‘f—king'] threesome, man!  That would be cool as hell if I had a threesome in Australia, but I didn't.  I didn't.  I am, I do, I drink, I get girls, I have fun."

Irulan accuses Alton of pursuing "Anything in Vegas that [bleeped ‘f—king'] breathes and has a [bleeped ‘p—sy']

Alton and Irulan have a physical fight.  The start by throwing water on each other and it becomes somewhat playful.  They chase each other around the apartment, wrestling each other on the floor.  Alton is only wearing his underwear, and one of Irulan's breasts falls out of her shirt and she doesn't cover it up.  It is pixilated as they fight and roll around on the floor with her breast exposed.  They throw pool cues at each other and Irulan kicks him in the crotch and chest.

The episode included 38 uses of foul language, including 32 bleeped obscenities during the 30 minute episode

11-05-02 Episode

Real World: Las Vegas Features Male Nudity

MTV's Real World: Las Vegas continued it's sleazy track record with the November 5 episode, which featured an episode full of male nudity and a cast member complaining because her roommate wouldn't have sex with her.

The Real World: Las Vegas continues to bring sleaze and inappropriate sexual content into the homes of families across America. As the season progresses, these cast members are delving further and further into the seedy side of life in Las Vegas. If you're concerned about the messages this kind of content sends to impressionable young children, take action today by contacting the following sponsor of Real World: Las Vegas:

Specific Content Examples:

Alton (who had sex with a stranger in the bathtub in front of his jealous female roommates last week) was shown walking around naked after taking a shower. He was shown at full length with his buttocks and genital region digitally blurred. Steven noted, "Irulan was the most captivated by his wood," while Trishelle giggled, "It looked like a third leg, it was like, swinging around all over the place."

In a camera confessional, Irulan complained, "I am three thousand miles away from my boyfriend. I am lonely, I am horny, I am used to sex on a regular basis. His body is on point."

Irulan and Arissa go to a male strip club and are shown ogling and touching the dancers. One dancer is shown stripping off his pants and his bare bottom is shown without pixilation because he's wearing a "thong"—which consisted of little more than a single string of material. Irulan notes that while watching the strippers, "I was catching a few sensations."

Irulan returns home and immediately jumps into bed with Alton. She lies on top of him and apparently tries to encourage him to have sex with her – she even sends Alton's roommate, Frank, out of the room. Alton kisses her and caresses her bottom, all the while telling her "no." Eventually he resists her and she pouts, "Sketchy gets it but I don't?" referring to the young woman he shared the bathtub with last week.

10-29-02 Episode

After stating in a confessional that he hasn't had sex with a girl in Vegas yet, Alton is shown dancing suggestively with several different girls while his voiceover says, "When I've had something to drink, I get sexually charged."

Soon after, he meets the winner of the bar's bikini contest and brings her back to the apartment.  They get into the bathtub, which is in the middle of the huge communal bathroom and right next to the curtained bedroom doorway of two of Alton's roommates.  He proceeds to make out with this stranger in the bathtub while his female roommates pass in and out of the room.  The woman is shown on top of Alton in the tub (her bare breasts were pixilated). The rest of their bodies were covered by bubbles.  It was implied that the two had sex in the bathtub.

His roommate, Arissa takes him to task for his behavior in an obscenity-laced tirade: "It has to do with the fact that I was not comfortable in my own house.  I was brushing my teeth and I saw her ass up in the air.  Hearing [bleeped 'Sh*t'] that isn't my [bleeped 'f*cking'] business was not cool.  That's what the problem that I had was.  The fact that that is a community space that it's not even like there's a curtain.  You know what I'm saying?  The fact that in order to get from point A to point B I still had to go in that vicinity to get in my [bleeped 'f*cking'] room.  And that [bleeped 'sh*t'] is not cool.  And I don't feel that my comfort should be compromised if I don't compromise yours.  That made me loose mad respect for you last night, this morning.  Cause I was just like, Dog, do you know that I sleep here?  Like right here?"

Alton later apologizes, saying that he didn't plan to get naked, it just happened.