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Exclusive Interview with High School Musical 3's Kaycee Stroh


In the High School Musical series, KayCee Stroh plays Martha, the brainy girl who secretly longs to be a dancer. She has also appeared on Disney Channelís The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and modeled for Torrid, a fashion line for plus-size women. The PTC recently interviewed KayCee about High School Musical and the entertainment industry today.


PTC: High School Musical 2 remains the single highest-rated program ever shown on cable, and High School Musical has become a tremendous phenomenon. Do you think its popularity is due to the fact that it is something that parents and children can enjoy together?


KC: Absolutely! I think there two things that have made High School Musical a big success. The first is that our characters are easy for kids to relate to, and even adults can look back to their high school days and think, ĎRemember that girl in my high school? She was a lot like that character!í I think subconsciously adults are doing that and they donít realize it.


The second reason is that this generation is just overloaded with sex and drugs and violence on TV and in their videogames. I mean, some of the videogames Iíve seen are just disgusting. I think that kids today are on overload, and theyíre ready for a happy-go-lucky, positive message in their life. So much in entertainment today is so negative. I think kids long to use their imaginations again, to just be kids and have fun.


PTC: High School Musical has made you, and everyone else in it, huge role models for teens. How do you feel about that responsibility, and what kinds of messages do you think itís important to send to the kids who are looking up to you?


KC: For me, being a role model is such a huge blessing! Itís not every person that gets to have a job that is so rewarding, and that is so inspiring. Thereís nothing like going to work every day knowing that youíre doing something that will affect people positively. And thereís nothing like getting e-mails or fan mail that says, ĎYou inspire me. Iím different, and I donít dress like a typical girl,í or, ĎI donít fit in. I donít party. I donít do things like that.í It just makes my job so rewarding, and Iím grateful to be someone that others look up to.


PTC: Who were some of your role models?


KC: Growing up, I absolutely loved Aubrey Hepburn! But even more, I would say my grandmother. She and Audrey Hepburn are similar in that my grandmother radiates class and just lights up a room when she walks in. So I would say that my whole life Iíve worked very hard to be like her and to have that trait. I think that it comes from inside a person, that sense of poise and class, far more than itís about external appearances.


PTC: Recently, thereís been a lot of attention given to the way that the media sexualizes young women, and on the negative affect this has, especially on young girls. High School Musical avoids these stereotypes; but what do you think the entertainment industry could do to send healthier messages to girls?


KC: Well, I understand that you can have a little bit of fun and be sassy, but I think the entertainment business needs to realize that you donít have to be naked to be attractive. I donít know what that is about. It would be nice if they would catch on that true attractiveness comes from who a person is inside. Sometimes I see what people are wearing and Iím just in shock.


The music industry really concerns me. I hear eight-year-olds rapping about their Ďhosí and their money and their Ďbling.í I understand that kind of music can be funny for the older kids who get it, but I donít think theyíre realizing how much it is affecting our children and our next generation. And Iím just saddened by it.


PTC: Is there anything else youíre working on right now? Where can we expect to see you in the future?


KC: Well, right now Iím co-writing some music. Number one on the Life List of Things To Do is to put out an album. And number two is to do some dramatic acting. I really feel like Iíve locked in the comedic side of my personality. People can see that I can do spunky and quirky and things like that, and I donít want to write those things off, but I would love to prove myself as an actress. And third, I would love to do some Broadway. So I guess those are the three life goals, the things that Iím working on. Iím also getting marriedÖ


PTC: Congratulations! Is he someone we know from High School Musical?


KC: (laughs) No, he is not. He is part of the gang, but he actually has a local production company in Utah. I met him when I was visiting back home, and he asked me to marry him during High School Musical 3.


PTC: Is there anything youíd like to say to your fans?


KC: I would like to say thank you so much for supporting me and the rest of the cast and the movies. We would not be where we are right now without them.


And I would love to just tell my fans to hold strong. In the world today, in this generation, thereís so much thatís difficult and negative going on, and I want them to know: be true to yourself. Itís okay to be the strong one. Itís okay to be the different one.


To find out more about KayCee, visit her website: www.KayCeeStroh.com



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