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Exclusive Interview with Kit Kittridge actress Brieanne Jansen


Brieanne Jansen plays the part of Frances in the movie Kit Kittridge: An American Girl, which comes out July 2nd. Based on the American Girl book series, Kit Kittridge tells the story of a girl growing up during the Great Depression. The PTC recently spoke to the eleven-year-old Brieanne about her budding acting career and her role in Kit Kittridge


PTC: How did you get into acting?


Brieanne: I was actually held hostage once for about 45 minutes. That really scared me. After that I had a hard time coming out of my shell. But then my friends encouraged me to get out there and try for the part, and I got it.


PTC: “What was it like working with [Kit Kittridge star] Abigail Breslin?


Brieanne: She’s really nice! She’s a great actress. We had a lot of fun playing games when we weren’t filming. She’s an amazing girl, all in all.


PTC: Can you share with us what the most important lesson in the film is?


Brieanne: When I started working on the movie, pretty much every other house on my block had a foreclosure sign out front, and the movie taught me not to take the things I have for granted, because a lot of people today can’t live this way of life. I am extremely grateful for everything I came home to. So I would say the lesson is to be grateful for what you have.


PTC: How did you prepare for your character’s role?


Brieanne: I just went out there and tried to be me. And it worked. Being able to step into somebody else’s shoes was an incredible experience.


PTC: What’s your next role? Will we be seeing you again soon?


Brieanne: I hope so. I’m trying look for agents. We’re trying to find one that understands our Christian morals and values.


PTC: Do you have any advice for other aspiring child actors?


Brieanne: Just to be yourself, and to stay true to yourself. Never let go of who you are.






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