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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


Desperate Housewives on ABC

By Joshua Shirlen

The May 7th episode of Desperate Housewives (ABC) entitled "I Know Things Now" has earned the title of Worst of the Week by featuring adultery, nudity, and teen sex.


As the episode begins, we see private investigator Oliver Westin investigating certain residents of Wisteria Lane through the lens of his camera.  The narrator explains that though Oliver is the most successful P.I. in Fairview, what he has witnessed has caused him to stop believing in love and turned him into a cynic who only believes in betrayal and suspicion.  We the viewers are then privileged to look through his camera to see what has desensitized him.  An executive and his secretary engaging in an affair, a housewife and the delivery boy committing adultery, and the girl next door stripping for a threesome with the couple across the street are shown.  The scene clearly illustrates what can happen to a person when they are exposed to this kind of promiscuous behavior and when deviant behavior is seen as the norm.  In Oliver's case he has stopped believing in love altogether; how will it affect the millions of other viewers "investigating" the drama on Wisteria Lane?


Later in the episode we see Gabrielle and Carlos who want to have a child but for biological reasons are not able to.  They consider a surrogate.  Conveniently for them their maid Xiao Mei is facing deportation if she is not married to an American or carrying an American child.  Gaby suggests to Xiao being the surrogate in exchange for citizenship.  Xiao adamantly denies the offer because she is a virgin and desires to protect her purity for her future husband:


Gaby: "Are you kidding me, no one cares about virginity in this country.  It went out of style in the 50's and trust me honey, it ain't making a comeback."


Xiao: "Husband cares.  No one want me if I'm ruined. I want husband so much."


Gaby goes on to manipulate Xiao into believing that a rich man would never marry her as long as she is a virgin.  Confused, Xiao strips down and gets in bed so that Carlos can impregnate her.


Perhaps the most disturbing plot line in this episode involves Bree and her two teenage children Danielle and Andrew.  Bree has met Peter, an admitted sex addict, at an A.A. meeting and invites him over for dinner.  The kids conspire to get back at their mother for a restriction she put on them.  At dinner Danielle dresses seductively and moves her hand up Peter's leg under the dinner table.  Peter is startled and leaves abruptly, but returns the next day.  Andrew talks with him and realizes that he is open to sex with all people.  Andrew, being a homosexual, decides he will seduce Peter.  Bree comes home to find her teenage son naked under the covers and Peter coming out of the bathroom apparently after sex.  Bree is so disturbed by the event that she drives Andrew far from home, gives him clothes and money, and tells him he is on his own.  Andrew accuses her of not loving him because he is gay. 


Because of the way Desperate Housewives trivializes adultery, virginity, sexual addictions, and teen sex we confidently determine it to be the Worst of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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