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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Gossip Girl on CW


The CWís new teen drama Gossip Girl, which airs on Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET, takes all the foul content from The O.C. while stripping away any of that programís redeeming features.  This far-fetched soap opera about filthy rich teens deals with every vice from drug use to promiscuous sex to violent rape.  In the November 7th episode, we see a father with a drug addiction who gets caught and blames it on his teenage son; a teen who watches internet porn to learn sex tips for an evening with his girlfriend; and a high school slacker who convinces his father to purchase a burlesque club.


Chance Crawford tries to be a loyal son when he confesses to cocaine possession to take the fall for his father.  His father has no remorse for his own actions and seems to find his sonís cover-up perfectly honorable.  Troubled by the lies, Chance encourages his father to confess.  His father responds by punching his son in the face.  Chance ultimately turns his father over to the police.  Meanwhile Dan, at his fatherís suggestion, attempts to prep his room for sex with his girlfriend.  He replaces his football-themed bedsheets, lights candles, and brushes up on his sex moves by watching internet porn.  Dan is shown lying in bed with a laptop as female voices are heard moaning.  As if that content werenít racy enough, the show featured several scenes in a burlesque club where women in lingerie dance suggestively on stage.  Teenage Chuck is shown sitting front and center watching the girls as he masterminds a business plan for his father to purchase the club.  He and fellow teenager Blair sip champagne as they admire the girls.  When Chuck dares Blair to go on stage she unashamedly takes the stage, strips, and dances for Chuck and the audience.


The depictions of teenage behavior in this episode were mind-blowingly inappropriate on any network at any time.  This program exhibits Hollywoodís concept of appropriate behavior for youth.  The show further promotes the hedonistic irresponsible lifestyle that is captivating our country through pseudo-celebrities like Paris Hilton.  For its careless portrayal of teen drinking, sexual conduct, and drug use, Gossip Girl is our pick for Worst of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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