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Worst TV Show of the Week

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American Dad on Fox


During November sweeps, networks pull out all the stops to attract viewers.  Special guest-stars, nail-biting cliff-hangers, controversial storylines and racy content are practically de rigueur during sweeps.  But so far, nothing has been more disturbing than the repugnant plot of the November 16th (9:30 p.m. ET) episode of American Dad.  For flirting with incest, American Dad rightly deserves the label Worst TV Show of the Week.


The show begins by introducing two premises.  First, Stan Smith – a bumbling CIA agent – has a body double that looks exactly like him.  Second, Stan’s teenaged daughter Hayley is notorious for violent rampages when guys dump her.  After her latest rampage, Hayley falls for Stan’s body double, Bill.  Hayley’s mother, Francine, walks by Hayley’s room and sees Hayley making out with Bill, whom she mistakes for Stan.  Francine vomits in disgust.  She seems relieved after she realizes that Hayley was kissing Bill, but she throws up again anyway.  Stan, on the other hand, approves of the relationship; he always wanted Hayley to date someone more like him.  The resemblance, however, is so close that Bill fools Francine into thinking he’s Stan.  He lures her into bed.  While he waits naked underneath the covers, Francine runs into Stan downstairs.  Eventually, they both realize that Bill is upstairs.  Stan confronts his double who blithely explains:  “Well, when you were talking about how hot your wife was I realized you were right.  So I decided to nail her before I nailed your daughter.  Guess you didn't know old Bill likes to stir the pot.”  Stan tosses the naked Bill out of the window.


Bill may be out of the picture, but now Stan and Francine have a potentially bigger problem.  If Hayley finds out that it’s over with Bill, she’ll leave a path of destruction in her wake.  So Stan settles on a brilliant plan: he will pose as Bill and treat Hayley so badly that she’ll break up with him.  But Hayley has other plans.  As Stan and Hayley pull out of the driveway for a weekend getaway, Francine says, “Okay. Have fun you two.”  Hayley replies, “Don’t worry. We will.”  Down the road a bit, she adds, “‘Cause we’re finally going all the way.”  Stan squirms while Hayley sings, “Doin' it, doin it.  D-D-doin' it.  Should we break for lunch?  Nope. Let's keep doin' it.  Doin' it.  Someone's at the door.  I don't care, we're doin' it, doin' it.  Wanna put on our hiking boots?  Yeah, we'll wear 'em while we're doin' it, doin' it.  I like the rhythm.  It is my method.”


Throughout the weekend, Stan tries to offend his daughter, but discovers that nothing is out-of-bounds:


STAN:  Check out that waitress.  She is hot. 


HAYLEY:  What are you talking about?


STAN:  The waitress.  I'm checking her out. Blatantly. If you wanna dump me, do it sitting down so you don't block my view of her ass.  I'd like to take her back to our room and then have sex with her on your clothes.


HAYLEY: Let's ask her. 


STAN:  What?


HAYLEY:  Yeah, yeah.  You can do her, then I can do you.  Then I'll take a turn with her while you watch. 


STAN:  You used to watch Sesame Street.


HAYLEY:  I'm gonna go to the bathroom and take off my underwear then you put our room key into it and give them to her.


Thankfully, Stan never sleeps with his own daughter.  And technically, sleeping with Bill wouldn’t have been incest.  Yet, no amount of hair-splitting will make this episode any less cringe-inducing.


For sexually explicit dialogue and a nauseating incestuous plot, American Dad has been named Worst TV Show of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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