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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


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American Dad on Fox


Fox foists vile values on oblivious families.  Say that three times fast. 


Imagine viewers in the Central and Mountain time zones sitting down to Sunday dinner with the television on in the background.  Surely a cartoon that airs as early as 6:30 p.m. must be family- friendly.  On the contrary, the twisted animated series American Dad is one of the most offensive programs on television today.  And the June 14th rerun is a prime example of the twisted family values it promotes.  For strong sexual content, American Dad has been named Worst TV Show of the Week.


In this episode, Stan’s teenage son, Steve, locates Stan’s estranged father, Jack, in prison.  However, the reunion between the three generations of Smith men is soured by Stan’s inability to trust his crooked, neglectful father.


"So your wicked ways caught up with you?" Stan asks.


Jack replies, "Yes, and now those wicked ways are going to grab me from behind, shove me to the floor, and break in my rump like a new baseball glove."


"Right in front of the kid, that's nice,” Stan complains as Steve sits next to Jack.


Steve interjects, "This is a chance for you two to reconnect.  Let's bail him out and let him stay with us until the trial."


Stan explains, “I'm not doing a thing for him."


"Then do it for us,” Steve pleads, “This time it was a bike ride, but who knows what else we can miss out on?  Maybe a game of catch, taking me to my first prostitute, scolding me for falling in love with aforementioned prostitute, bowling."


Stan agrees to let Jack stay with them until his trial.  But Stan disapproves of the bond forming between Steve and Jack.  Stan is convinced that Jack is using them to curry favor with the judge at his trial.  When Stan refuses to provide Jack with a character reference, Steve and Jack run away. 


While on the lam, Steve tells Jack, “You’re the only role model I need.”


Steve dons a makeshift eye-patch in order to copy Jack, who wears one over his missing eye.  Steve’s eye-patch, however, is made of some questionable materials.


“Is that a condom and a rubber band?” Jack asks. 


“Sure is,” Steve responds proudly. 


Later, after a raucous night, Steve and Jack drive down the street in the car.


"Wow, what a night!” Steve beams, “My dad would never have let me sit in a car in a dark alley while he went behind a dumpster with a Malaysian lady in a shiny dress."


Jack replies, "Thank you for letting me borrow your eye patch.”


Compelled to honesty, Jack admits his faults to Steve.  Jack confesses, "I robbed that jewelry store.  And your dad’s car, I was trying to steal it.  And from the minute you bailed me out, I’ve been working you and your dad for that character reference.  And that convict wasn't going to rape me in the shower; I was going to rape him."


Ultimately, Jack turns himself in because he doesn’t want to ruin Stan’s relationship with Steve. 


Cue heartwarming music.


Not long ago, family-centric shows actually showcased healthy families.  Nowadays, family dysfunction trumps family values.


For strong sexual content aired during family hour, American Dad rightly deserves the title of Worst TV Show of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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