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Worst TV Show of the Week

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WARNING: Graphic Content!!! Do NOT push play if you don't want to see the explicit video!!!


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Family Guy on Fox


Fox’s Family Guy (Sundays, 9:00 p.m. ET) reached a milestone on May 2nd with the broadcast of its 150th episode.  The banner across the Family Guy offices probably read: “Hooray for 150 episodes of unmitigated filth!”  The landmark episode certainly didn’t disappoint (that is, if a viewer doesn’t have children or a shred of decency).  What transpired during that broadcast was so disgusting, so unbelievably vile, it’s makes one nauseous even repeating it.  Needless to say, Family Guy rightfully deserves the title of Worst TV Show of the Week for reasons that will become all too apparent.


First, the contrived set up: Brian and Stewie manage to lock themselves in a bank vault.  Stewie – being a toddler – does what toddlers do, or rather what toddlers doo-doo.  Unwilling to wallow in a dirty diaper, Stewie spells out what he wants Brian (the talking, Scotch-swilling family dog) to do for him:


STEWIE:  “Eat it.  Eat it, Brian.”


BRIAN:  “You're out of your ___ (bleeped f******) mind.”


STEWIE:  “You promised you'd hear me out.  Besides, is it really that big a deal?  You just said it yourself that you’re starving.”


Brian continues to refuse.  Stewie spells out his expectations.


STEWIE:  “Dogs sometimes eat feces.  It's not a judgment, it's just a fact.  So what I would need you to do is eat what's in my diaper, lick the diaper clean, possibly lick my fanny, and then put the diaper back on me.  Probably lick my fanny.  Yeah, you should start wrapping your brain around that too.”    


Eventually, Brian gives in.  As soon as he removes the diaper, the stench hits him.  Stewie forces Brian to a corner because he doesn’t want to watch him eat it.  Brian’s head dips off-screen as he chokes down the feces.  “I can’t finish,” Brian pleads.  But Stewie is insistent.  While Brian finishes, Stewie becomes nauseous and vomits. 


STEWIE:  “Got some dessert for you.”


Stewie points to the pile of vomit.


BRIAN:  “You gotta be kidding me.” 


STEWIE:  “C'mon, it's throw-up.  You like throw-up.”


BRIAN:  “I do.  I do like throw-up.” 


Brian goes down to the floor and laps up the vomit.


Brian is about to put the diaper back on Stewie, who points out that the job isn’t quite done yet.


BRIAN:  “Look, the diaper is completely clean.” 


STEWIE:  “Yeah, but my ass isn't.  You'll have to clean my ass.”


BRIAN:  “Oh God, Stewie.  There's got to be a line.”


STEWIE:  “Brian, this is the most important part.  You’ve seen Lois with those sanitary wipes.  She gets all up in my biz-natch with those.”


BRIAN:  “No. No way!” 


STEWIE:  “I could get really sick.  Look, there’s hardly anything on it.  This will take one second, and then we could put this whole unpleasantness behind us.” 


BRIAN:  “If you ever –“


STEWIE: “ I’m not gonna breathe a word to anybody -- ever.  Now go on, get started.”


Stewie bends over. 


BRAIN:  “Alright, here it goes.”


STEWIE:  “Oh and just do me a favor and tell me when you’re about to begin because I don’t want to be surprised – (sings) Moon river!  Oh my God, there it goes.  (sighs)  Brian, you rock.  Thank you so much for doing this.”


Later, Brian offers to share a bottle of whiskey with Stewie, who warns Brian:


STEWIE:  “I don’t want to get too buzzed.  People take advantage of kids when they’re buzzed.  It’s so easy and I wouldn’t even remember.  So don’t you try anything.”


BRIAN:  “Try what?  I already practically French-kissed your butt.”


STEWIE:  “Yeah, there was no ‘practically’ about that.”


According to the Federal Communications Commission, “indecent programming contains patently offensive sexual or excretory material...” Check and double check.  In recent episodes, Family Guy has skirted the line with molestation and bestiality between Stewie and Brian.  In the episode entitled, “Go Stewie Go” which aired on March 14, Stewie poses as a little girl and hits on Brian at bar.  Brian takes Stewie’s hand and presses it against his genitals.  In terms of excretory content, projectile vomiting, farts, feces, and other bodily functions are prevalent on the show; but this past episode was a one-two punch of indecency. 


If this is what Family Guy creator SethMacFarlane has doled out for the 150th episode, imagine what filth he’ll fling at viewers faces for the 200th episode. 


The PTC urges its members and concerned citizens alike to take action against extreme and offensive content on the public airwaves...the airwaves YOU own.


For once again flouting FCC regulations, Family Guy deserves the title of Worst TV Show of the Week.



To file a complaint with the FCC about this episode, click here.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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