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Best TV Show of the Week

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America’s Got Talent on NBC  

By Ally Matteodo


The last round of the semifinals for Best TV Show of the Week winner America’s Got Talent appeared on NBC at 9:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 3rd.  This reality program is a talent competition that tours the United States in search of impressive individuals and groups, and the winner receives not only a one million dollar grand prize, but also a show in Las Vegas.  There are no limitations for those who try out, meaning anyone, young or old, male or female, can take their act all the way, providing they have a first-class talent.  Once the contestants hit the semi-finals, America is the judge.  Nick Cannon enthusiastically hosts this program, and the judging panel consists of Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel.  These judges offer up their opinions following contestant’s performances, and also are the deciding factors on who stays and who goes during the initial rounds of competition.  They are also free to buzz performances at any point during an act, and if all three judges use their buzzers, the performance immediately stops, although viewers are still free to vote for them.  Twelve acts performed on the August 3rd show: Da Maniacs, Nu Covenant, Anna and Patryk, Lindsey Stirling, Doogie Horner, Rudi Macaggi, Taylor Mathews, Mary Ellen, Arcattack, Prince Poppycock, Murray, and Strikers All Stars.


These twelve acts are wonderful in so many ways.  Strikers All Stars is a group of young men who combine step dance with amazing gymnastics, and they perfected their moves anywhere they could!  Twelve-year-olds Anna and Patryk completed a dynamic jive dance number to the song “Candyman,” and violinist Lindsey Stirling performed a hip-hop number.  In one of the more awe-inspiring displays, Arcattack used lightning during their act.  While the band played “Ironman,” one of the performers walked between two nodes and through the use of his hand-made, chain metal suit, commanded the lightning with his hands, sending electricity literally shooting from his fingertips.  This act required so much power that the set designers needed to build a tailored stage outside for Arcattack.  Murray, a magician, made a girl disappear inside a glass cage that circled 360 degrees around, replacing her with a tiger.  This year not only are the acts extremely gifted, but they show a level of ingenuity and creativity that surpasses previous seasons of this show.  These contestants are dreamers, set on accomplishing their ambitions, and America’s Got Talent is a dedication to these aspirations.  All of these acts bring joy to anyone lucky enough to watch them, and their humility in the face of their enormous talent is a lesson to us all.


Best TV Show of the Week

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