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November 9, 2010


New PTC Study Shows Huge Increase in TV Profanity

In its latest ground-breaking study, the Parents Television Council found a huge increase in profanity – especially use of the “f-word” – on prime-time broadcast TV over five years ago.

The PTC compared the amount and intensity of profanity in the first two weeks of the fall prime-time broadcast season in 2005 with those this year. The results showed that across all networks and time periods, there was almost 70% more profanity in prime time today than there was five years ago!

Here are a few of the PTC’s other findings:

• Across all networks, use of the bleeped or muted f-word increased from 11 instances in 2005 to 276 instances in 2010 – an increase of 2,409 %!

• Across all networks, use of the bleeped f-word in the 8 o’clock Family Hour increased from 10 instances in 2005 to 111 instances in 2010 – an increase of over 1,000%. And in the 9 o’clock hour, use of the bleeped f-word increased from 1 instance in 2005 to 156 instances in 2010 – that’s an increase of 15,500%!

• Across all networks, use of the bleeped or muted s-word increased from 11 instances in 2005 to 95 instances in 2010 – an increase of 763%.

• There were also increases in the use of anatomical and sexual references. Across all networks and all hours of prime-time, use of the word “balls” to refer to male genitalia increased 200%. Similarly, use of the word “screw” increased 121%, and use of the word “boobs” in reference to breasts increased 90%.

To read the PTC’s full study, click here.

These huge increases in harsh profanity should come as no surprise, given the Second Circuit Court’s ruling last July – a ruling which overturned the FCC’s authority to sanction broadcasters who air profanity on the airwaves the American people own!

Surveys have found that children are using more foul language, and at younger ages, than ever before. And every parent who has heard their children begging for specific toys or food knows that TV has a huge influence on children’s behavior. With such a tsunami-like wave of foul language, a family’s only recourse is to avoid using the airwaves that THEY own!

The TV networks must not be allowed to get away with shoving more and more filthy language at our children at every time of the day. With this report, the PTC is calling out the entertainment industry that airs such profanity, the advertisers who sponsor such profanity, and our public servants in Washington who are supposed to serve the public interest – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The power brokers in Hollywood may have the high-priced lawyers, but the PTC has the hearts and minds of the American people…and we have you. But we can’t continue our fight unless we also have the financial support of our most trusted and loyal supporters.

Please, won’t you help? Because our children are watching

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