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March 9, 2011

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Misogyny and Religious Bigotry in New ABC Series

Sign Our Petition to Demand ABC Stop Distributing Bigoted Content

When CBS announced plans for a new television series which would include an expletive in the title, the PTC raised the alarm because we know, from fifteen years of experience, that once one network breaks-down a long-standing television taboo, the other networks, like sheep, soon follow.

In fact, since the debut of the $#*! My Dad Says on CBS, a number of series have either debuted or been announced that contain profanities or obscenities in the title, including the tentatively titled Chicks and D*cks for Fox, and Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry for Investigation Discovery.

Now ABC has announced plans for a new series – actually TWO new series -- which employ the same offensive and misogynistic epithet in the title, Good Christian B*tches, and Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23

Good Christian B*tches is from Darren Star, creator of Melrose Place and Sex and the City, and tells the story of a former high school “mean girl” who becomes the subject of gossip from  hypocritical church-going friends when she moves back to her small Texas home town after her divorce. 

Here once again, we see Hollywood’s disdain for people of faith, and in particular people of the Christian faith. 

►  Why would ABC even consider a program that by its very title is offensive to the women who comprise half of the US population?

►  Why would ABC even consider a program that by its very title is offensive to the nearly 80% of Americans who call themselves Christians?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, the ABC Television Network – and by extension, its parent corporation, the Walt Disney Company – must be called to account.

ABC has not even attempted to veil its hostility toward women and Christians.  The bigotry is right up front in the title of the program, and will be reinforced with every commercial, every advertisement, every billboard they pay for to promote the show. 

Such intentionally offensive conduct must be stopped dead in its tracks before it becomes the standard for “entertainment” in America.

Please take action today by signing our petition to demand ABC immediately cease and desist from producing and distributing content – including in the title of programs – that embraces any manner of hostile bigotry. 

And please consider supporting the PTC’s ongoing work to hold the networks responsible for these and other harmful messages...

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